Advice for all Asian guys on this site. from Aznsurfer's blog

For those of the male gender on this site, read this: just because most girls are here to meet Asian guys, don't assume that they are here to meet you. For the sake of the reputation and image of all the Asian guys here, learn to read the signs and social clues that people afford to you. Learn to distinguish the difference between playing hard to get and being not interested. You can try your best but know when to quit. DON'T CREEP OUT the girls on here. LOL, whenever guys don't understand these simple rules...it reflects negatively on the rest of us. Thanks.

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The Wall

Nov 23 '12
I wouldn't necessarily say it reflects negatively on "the rest" of you guys.
But yes. Yes, yes, yes to this whole post.
Dec 2 '12
i <3 this site .... they can creep me out all they want the ceatts lol only joking lol
Dec 2 '12
creep me out? hahhaha funny.... NOPE they can't creep me out... im too weird for that
Dec 4 '12
-snort- i feel like im the one who will creep you guys out XDD lmao
Dec 5 '12
I'm sure most of the guys don't even know how to utilize blog enough to read this sign. Only matter of time, once they get bored and stumble on this blog they will know haha.
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By Aznsurfer
Added Nov 24 '12


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