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Have you ever been so frustrated that you want to cry but no tears fall? 
Have you ever been so frustrated you want to destroy everything and everyone around you but are incapable of the action?

If so... well congrats! You're one of many and I don't have an easy solution for you. Just deal with it?

Hmm... Edit: Life sucks and you gotta work 24/7 to make it better. From the day your mummy put you in this world you have a full-time job, with happiness as the only salary. It's up to you how fat you want your wallet to be...

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The Wall

Dec 24 '12
lol i find humor in your post.....
Dec 26 '12
I guess that's good It was mostly sarcasm and irritation...
Mar 7 '13
This is a good story.
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By MissRosehip
Added Dec 5 '12


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