Starting a harem, no experience necessary inquire within. from sultan's blog


This is probably the part where you expect a newbie to be all respectful and lollipop sweet. Well you would be wrong. Sultan is all about the hardcore and scoffs at conventional “Hi, I’m a nice AM and can’t to meet all of you nice WF..”ZZZZZ



Who the !@#$ does this Sultan guy think he is?


In a former life Sultan was a mild mannered accountant. He was captivated by a vanilla princess. Sadly his advances were rebuffed. In an attempt to re-capture that lovey-dovey feeling he has combed the online landscape only to find sadly many a sausage fest (or should that be eggroll fest).


What kinds of ladies are eligible for hareming?

The lithe, limber and those in possession of a trampoline automatically move to the front of the line.


What do I get out of this?

You shall be amused and sustenance may be provided.

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The Wall

Oct 24 '12
Mmmmhmmm i could handle that! Eheheh Sorry joren! how are you today Sultan?
Oct 25 '12
* me go out and play with myself * leave you love turtles bath in chocolate with nuts in it
Oct 25 '12
Hi Betie
I'm OK cuz you haven't pepper sprayed me yet.
Oct 25 '12
Oh hun I would never pepper spray you, Im trained to use my hands as weapons pepper spray is pointless! Plus you have dont nothing to worry about... lol... you haven't done anything!
Oct 26 '12
i use peperspray when i am eating a steak hohoh
Oct 26 '12
Oct 26 '12
Sultan where'd you go?
Oct 26 '12
I'm recruiting for the harem so you won't be lonely...
Oct 26 '12
OH well that is a very good thing!!!
Oct 26 '12
How was your day Sultan
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By sultan
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