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Let’s face it, if you can read this blog with no problem understanding it, chances are you are either a banana, or an asian living in an English speaking country or somewhere in the western hemisphere. And if that’s the case, I know why you are here. It’s not easy being an asian man in a western world. Truth be told, when it comes to many things, asian men are in disadvantage when compare with white, black or latin men. We are on average, shorter, smaller, fobbier, physically less attractive in the mainstream sense, and most of us are either first or second generation immigrants and a minority in the communities we live in. With so many headwinds against us, it’s no wonder why so many asian men are single, without any game to get attractive girls, and remind virgin well into their twenties. While at the same time, other non asian men are taking asian women left and right with ease.

If you feel the same about your situation, it is totally normal, because I felt that way too not too long ago.  All throughout my young adulthood, I was struggling with the same image problem. I knew I was smart, and multi talented, but, girls just don’t put too much interest in knowing me. I’m always the one who they overlooked. In best case, I’m a token asian dude in their group of friends. And if you hang out with your asian only social group, you will be automatically looked upon as social outcast, not cool, nerds, geeks, etc.

It is not my intention to change the perception of asian men in the western society, because most of us are here directly or indirectly as a result of immigration. If we are so fed up with this, we can go back to our mother land and problem solved. My intention is this, I want to inspire asian men to become successful, in the financial and dating realm,  while play by the rule set by the western society. In other word, I want to have a win win outcome for both asian men and the western society they live in. 

Having said all this, I will begin explore more topics about how to be a successful asian man in a western world in the upcoming blog series. So stay tune.

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