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I guess blog is another term of little piece of memory in a text form in a way, excluding opinion since that's what blogging really is lol. So far until now, I have never noticed the use of this "blog" not particularly because of this site, but I never realized the use of blogging. Blogs appears to display freedom, for we all have an opinion and have rights to say, some places are probably so strict about freedom but at least you have the freedom to write what's on your mind. Blogging is also another way of showing others your opinion without having to tell each person after another without missing what you specifically wanted to state because we tend to make our statement shorter each time we repeat. Could one possibly explain blog as a resort, a escape from stress, an addiction? I've come to realize it may be addictive for we all have an opinion to share to gain sweet attention.


kimchi Dec 5 '12 · Rate: 5 · Tags: first blog, opinion, fresh start, who gives a fuck.