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Hi everyone, I'm new here.

The reason I made this account is because I am searching for some "special" japanese friends. 

I am taking japanese courses and I need help.

Because I am not in Japan it is harder for me to learn so I need practice and people to tell me if I do something wrong :(

Maybe I can help you out with english, or if you are interested in different cultures... I like taking pictures and making videos of places wherever I go.

Also, I am a singer and I do covers, live concerts, I sometimes sing with a band, so I can send you stuff like that too :p

Other things about me: I love animals (dogs, cats etc), I am very sincere (sometimes too sincere (>_<) )  , I hate liars and people who think only about themselves, I am a loyal friend...and I can be really stubborn sometimes.

And most importantly I would love to one day go to Japan ^^

Sorry for the long post, I will post shorter ones next time.