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In this day and age, where internet and flights are common place, we need to start rethink our possible pool of dating partner. Long distance relationships from sites like this one are becoming increasingly possible due to the fact that internet and cam chat providing a convenient way to let us stay connected, and the (relatively) cheap flight available also makes the world smaller. 

Before there are internet, LDR could be a real hurdle because all you could do was have a phone call with your significant other and if he/she happens to be living oversea, the phone bill is going to add up quickly. Now with skype and tinychat, everybody in the world is only a finger tip away. This gives us the opportunity to not only talk and listen, but to see each other. And with tinychat, you even get the chance to interact with each other in a social environment, all at the comfort of your home with no charge.

Not to mention the access to relatively cheap flight. For the first time in human history, everybody can reach almost any corner of the world in a matter of hours. This basically shrink our world.

The spread of english as the universal language also helps bring people's mind closer to each other regardless of your race and nationality.

However, LDR is still harder than a local relationship due to reasons that are obvious. You won't be able to touch each other, fuck each other, and there is a larger degree of uncertainty with your partner, and it's easier to lie and cheat.  But that is not to say, a local relationship would eliminate lies and cheating from happening. It's just relatively harder.

Another down side of LDR is it requires a lot of money, to buy tickets, travelling expense, etc. Logistically, its very costly.

So all in all, if you think the relationship is worthy of going long distance, then LDR is just like a short distance relationship. Given you have plan to eventually move in with the LDR partner.

prelude4 Dec 24 '12 · Comments: 13 · Tags: ldr, long distance relationship