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I hung out with my friend who is perceptive of current issues. 

I used to give advises to my friends usually.

Unlike an usual, I got advises from my friend. There are few things I'm concerned about. My major and language. I really like to learn different language. I didn't give shape to why I'm enthusiastic for learning it. I say ' the unpredictable futures make me passionate. '

by the time i will be able to speak a lot of different languages, the ability to speak will open door for me, which makes more opportunities.

Imagine that you can communicate someone who you never meet in your life. That's why I give it a shot to choose between Spanish , Chinese and Japanese after becoming more comfortable with French. here is thing. I learned Japanese so still remember grammar and some expression. so I can get it back easily. but non of Spanish and Chinese are experienced. but since I'm Korean, I know Chinese letters and found that there are a lot of similarities. but Spanish and French are strongly correlated. but I would start learning Spanish from scratch. -___- what the hell.... It's really hard to take concrete form what i have to choose. 

are there anyone can give me answer..? please.... TT__TT

Jamesoppa Jan 24 '13 · Comments: 2 · Tags: language, chinese, spanish, opportunity