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I hope everybody here is enjoying the site and making new friends. As you know, we advertise on facebook to bring in new people (girls) to the site. Thats why our site has a very high female to male ratio. And advertising on facebook cost $$$$.

Currently, the cost is partially supported by our donators and me. I also try to bring in extra revenue by putting ads on the site, however, that doesnt generate nearly enough to cover the cost.

So I am proposing a paid VIP membership which is optional for the site members. And the VIP members will have these following extra benefits:

-Be listed as Featured Member (on the front page, the user carousel)and get more visits to your profile.

-Unlimited credits (for sending private messages and virtual gifts)

-Unban from cam chat on demand

-VIP badge in your avatar

-Ads free

-And more to come in the future.

Would you paid $6.99 a month for this?

prelude4 Aug 27 '12 · Comments: 12 · Tags: vip, membership