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I have observed many relationships over the years, and I have found jealousy and selfishness to be a leading culprit to their demise.

So as a PSA, I want to help guys to prevent ruining their relationships due to jealousy and selfishness.

Before an advice can be afforded, we must define and understand the roots of jealousy and selfishness. In short you feel jealous in a relationship often when you feel inferior to someone and feel threatened by them. Selfishness is usually when you need your "better half's" complete and constant attention on you.

As mentioned earlier, jealousy is usually a result of an inferiority complex. When one feels inferior, especially in a relationship, one will often be easily threatened by anyone who has the potential to take your significant other away. One would often think of the worst case scenarios even if reality diverges greatly from these scenarios.

Selfishness in a relationship is when you need constant attention from your significant other. In short, selfishness is when you feel sad whenever your better half tends to her own needs in life that doesn't involve you i.e. work, family, friends.

Jealousy and selfishness can tear any relationship apart. So save yourself from ruining what you have and ask yourself these questions before you feel a jealous or selfish urge.

1. Would you commit yourself to seclude yourself and cut your interactions with your friends and family? If you answered "no", then how can you expect your significant other to do the same?

2. Can you commit devoting all of your waking hours to thinking about her and only her? Unless you are a psycho or sociopath, then obviously you can't. You have a life, a job, responsibilities, etc...so does she. How can you expect her to do something that you can't see yourself doing?

3. Your GF is in a relationship with you, she is not in a relationship with every guy she talks with...unless you are dating a hoe; if you are dating a hoe then she is probably banging every guy she talks to, but it's your fault. Have faith in yourself. Out of all the potential suitors out there, she chose to be with you.

4. Have TRUST in each other. Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. A relationship will most likely NOT last if there is not trust. If you date someone for a long time and you don't trust her, then break up dude. It just means you are not ready for a mature relationship.

5. Also look deep inside yourself. Usually, you fear what others will do to you based on what you are capable and willing do do yourself. You can't be so scared of cheating unless you know that you are capable of cheating yourself.

6. Finally, have more self worth! Dude if she leaves you or cheat on you...fuck it, don't dwell on it too much. Plenty of fish out there in the sea. Seriously, why would you feel down about loosing someone who doesn't respect you (especially if she cheats on you)? Also, if you happen to love the person that leaves you...dude let her go. If you really and honestly love someone, than you should want nothing more than her happiness, even if her happiness happens not to be you.

LOL...I hope this will help some people on this site.

Aznsurfer Jul 26 '12 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 8

1. I am brutally honest. I hate to lie, even if it hurts people. I believe that the lie will hurt more.

2. Being brutally honest, I hate liars. You lie to me and I find out, I'm done with you.

3. I don't know what love is, and I don't pretend that I do. My idea of love has changed as I have grown, and will probably continue to change.

4. There are two things I'm a sucker for: cologne and sweet talk. Which, if I don't have my head on straight, could get me in a lot of trouble.

5. I hate my big chest, though I have used it to my advantage more than once.

6. I am a lightweight, and extremely proud of it. I'd rather be tipsy on 2 drinks then blacked out on 12.

7. I despise children in general. Occasionally I'll meet one or two I can tolerate.

8. I am very open, and I will talk about anything and everything with anyone. No subject is taboo for me.

9. Things I am scared of: bees/hornets, heights, horses, things that move by themselves that aren't supposed to, and ghosts with no faces.

10. It is almost impossible to gross me out.

11. I get along more with animals than with people.

12. I'm extremely pessimistic, which has turned into my defense system. I'd be a lot sadder if I didn't do this.

13. I have difficulty with motivating myself to do things, even important things. Hopefully someday I will learn how to.

14. I hate most of my family members. They are the type of people I wouldn't associate myself with at all if I had the chance.

15. If you are cruel to animals, I automatically hate you. And these are things I personally believe are cruel, not just things that are illegal.

16. I do have SOME morals left.

17. I think sex is so funny looking. Porn is mostly comedic relief for me.

18. My top 3 sexual fantasies are all completely opposite of each other.

19. I hate public displays of affection. I think it's rude and disgusting. No one wants to see that.

20. I have posed for nude photographs (don't get excited, it was for my friend's art class. They weren't very sexy)

21. I'm obsessed with my weight, but I don't do anything to change it. You have to drag me by the hair to the gym to get me to exercise.

22. I can not stand ignorance. If you don't know what you're talking about, shut the fuck up.

23. I'm a grammar Nazi. I find spelling and grammar mistakes extremely irritating.

24. Drugs and smoking are both filthy, retarded habits and are big turn-offs. You can be the greatest guy in the world but if you smoke or do drugs, then there's no way.

25. I find it hard to trust people, probably because I've been betrayed so many times.


Wow, this list is a lot more negative than I thought. I guess that says more about me than anything else.

HayriGuro May 23 '12 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5
I just feel like writing about my experience on this site, thus far. Because A> I can not sleep and B> A really good song came on my Ipod. So i'll pretty much write for the length of the song.

I love coming here because of all the new friends i have made, only two being in my actual country, not even state and one i knew previously.

I love this community because it is intimate, and the opportunity it brings to form bonds overseas and what not.

I have not come here with the agenda of finding myself a lover or anything remotely close, i am here because i love the people, and it's the people here that keep me coming back for more.

I am truly honored to have made so many lovely new friends, who are infinitely kind, upbeat and always up for a chat. We are all supportive of each other and encourage each other to pursue whatever it is that our hearts desires, and that is what i really like.

Even if it is online - even if it is not IRL. The kind words and friendships i have formed make me smile everyday.

I lovessss you guise.

Wow this song is cool. Also much longer than i anticipated.

Turtles and Hugs

Kiley x
peep Jan 8 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7


I guess blog is another term of little piece of memory in a text form in a way, excluding opinion since that's what blogging really is lol. So far until now, I have never noticed the use of this "blog" not particularly because of this site, but I never realized the use of blogging. Blogs appears to display freedom, for we all have an opinion and have rights to say, some places are probably so strict about freedom but at least you have the freedom to write what's on your mind. Blogging is also another way of showing others your opinion without having to tell each person after another without missing what you specifically wanted to state because we tend to make our statement shorter each time we repeat. Could one possibly explain blog as a resort, a escape from stress, an addiction? I've come to realize it may be addictive for we all have an opinion to share to gain sweet attention.


kimchi Dec 5 '12 · Rate: 5 · Tags: first blog, opinion, fresh start, who gives a fuck.
For those of the male gender on this site, read this: just because most girls are here to meet Asian guys, don't assume that they are here to meet you. For the sake of the reputation and image of all the Asian guys here, learn to read the signs and social clues that people afford to you. Learn to distinguish the difference between playing hard to get and being not interested. You can try your best but know when to quit. DON'T CREEP OUT the girls on here. LOL, whenever guys don't understand these simple rules...it reflects negatively on the rest of us. Thanks.
Aznsurfer Nov 24 '12 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5

Let’s face it, if you can read this blog with no problem understanding it, chances are you are either a banana, or an asian living in an English speaking country or somewhere in the western hemisphere. And if that’s the case, I know why you are here. It’s not easy being an asian man in a western world. Truth be told, when it comes to many things, asian men are in disadvantage when compare with white, black or latin men. We are on average, shorter, smaller, fobbier, physically less attractive in the mainstream sense, and most of us are either first or second generation immigrants and a minority in the communities we live in. With so many headwinds against us, it’s no wonder why so many asian men are single, without any game to get attractive girls, and remind virgin well into their twenties. While at the same time, other non asian men are taking asian women left and right with ease.

If you feel the same about your situation, it is totally normal, because I felt that way too not too long ago.  All throughout my young adulthood, I was struggling with the same image problem. I knew I was smart, and multi talented, but, girls just don’t put too much interest in knowing me. I’m always the one who they overlooked. In best case, I’m a token asian dude in their group of friends. And if you hang out with your asian only social group, you will be automatically looked upon as social outcast, not cool, nerds, geeks, etc.

It is not my intention to change the perception of asian men in the western society, because most of us are here directly or indirectly as a result of immigration. If we are so fed up with this, we can go back to our mother land and problem solved. My intention is this, I want to inspire asian men to become successful, in the financial and dating realm,  while play by the rule set by the western society. In other word, I want to have a win win outcome for both asian men and the western society they live in. 

Having said all this, I will begin explore more topics about how to be a successful asian man in a western world in the upcoming blog series. So stay tune.

prelude4 Aug 23 '13 · Rate: 3 · Comments: 5 · Tags: amwf, asian man, inspirational