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I played the berimbau, when the wire broke.

it a sign and bad omen, but I refuse to believe,

every time I touched a berimbau, the wire break.

I took my berimbau, a bitch, to be blessed,

ask sao bento to come protect me from evil,


sent a blessing, I sent my blessing in the berimbau chapel

I ask for sao bento, to be blessed

I ask for sao bento, to protect

I ask for sao bento, to be blessed

my berimbau I'll play
FacadedacaF May 24 '13

hear the story of the wind and the wave

when the wind advance the wave retreat

when the wave advance the wind step back

a tiger of a father

a wolf of a sister

a specter of a mother

suppressed between the three

its best to hold a blade in one's heart

with large ear and tight lips

to advance is wrong

to retreat is cowardly

like the story of the wind and the wave

FacadedacaF May 24 '13
billie holiday record playing, tea in hand, rain on my window.. what a beautiful life I have. mmmmm...
Avery May 18 '13 · Comments: 1
Currently, I'm single, not dating and really not trying at all to meet new people. Yet, I find that I crave the intimacy that I once had which also came so easy. I'm single by choice, I know this, but it feels like I should be doing more about not being single.  It used to be so simple to meet a new girlfriend; I guess my expectations were just lower then...

I took it for granted, I know this now, how easy it was to meet someone new, fresh, and exciting. Did I waste all of those opportunities? Some were quick to chat, others quick to bed, only a few were quick to my heart...

I've lived the promiscuous life, one-night stands, in the complexes' pool, more than 2 in the bed; I thought it would fill the void and at the time it did, but in the end I was left feeling just as lonely as before...

I've lived the ideal life; gorgeous girlfriend, no worries about money, a career I loved, not a care in the world. How did I read things so wrong? She wasn't real, the money wasn't real, the world didn't care about me either...

Where is my next mate? Will I meet you while walking the dog? Buying gas? Maybe while having lunch? Will I meet you at all?

I must have wasted all of my chances with those I met before. When expectations were low and life was simpler. When it was more about growing together than what each brings to the relationship. When the world wasn't viewed through these tinted lenses...

I'm single now, I don't really want to be, but yet I do...  

franksremote Feb 17 '13 · Comments: 1 · Tags: relationship, single, fate
I want to major in philosophy.

I want to ponder the mysteries of my own existence, penetrate the inner workings of my mind through

deep introspection, and socratically interrogate the many unscathed concepts known to man. I want to logically cogititate on WHY i pursue, WHY i achieve, and ultimately What i desire.

Do i want to spend four crucial yrs ruminating the "why's" in life to no avail? Yes.

Do i want to learn rigorous and clear thinking skills, only to find out that none of it matters?


Do i want to delve into the dark realms of existentialism only to accept and rationalize the fact that life

is meaningless? Absolutely.

If I've contemplated on why i want a philosophy major, why am i still unable to take the risk?

I've been studying How the world works for so long that i don't want to leave it. I don't want to leave the pursuit of HOW (science) for the pursuit of WHY (philosophy). Am i being a coward for not venturing out

of my comfort zone? I don't think it's as much Leaving my comfort zone as it is ABANDONING it. In analogy, it's not the same as moving to a new home where you get to bring all your belongings. Majoring in philosophy would require that i burn down the home where all my memories and achievements lie.

Chemistry, Physics, Biology , medicine.  These are what made me who i am. The (relatively) intense study

of these subjects over recent years culminate in my very essence, and frankly, I am terrified by the thought

a metamorphosis into a new essence.

This decision results in a double-regret. If i choose to major in philosophy, I will grow homesick, missing

my pass life and all its achievements. But if i stay with a natural science major, i will regret not knowing, what if?

But all this brings me back to one simple statement: whatever i choose will ultimately be meaningless. 

So here i go...the next 4 years= Molecular Bio + Neuroscience FTW (I Hope). 

Melodymaker Feb 10 '13

I hung out with my friend who is perceptive of current issues. 

I used to give advises to my friends usually.

Unlike an usual, I got advises from my friend. There are few things I'm concerned about. My major and language. I really like to learn different language. I didn't give shape to why I'm enthusiastic for learning it. I say ' the unpredictable futures make me passionate. '

by the time i will be able to speak a lot of different languages, the ability to speak will open door for me, which makes more opportunities.

Imagine that you can communicate someone who you never meet in your life. That's why I give it a shot to choose between Spanish , Chinese and Japanese after becoming more comfortable with French. here is thing. I learned Japanese so still remember grammar and some expression. so I can get it back easily. but non of Spanish and Chinese are experienced. but since I'm Korean, I know Chinese letters and found that there are a lot of similarities. but Spanish and French are strongly correlated. but I would start learning Spanish from scratch. -___- what the hell.... It's really hard to take concrete form what i have to choose. 

are there anyone can give me answer..? please.... TT__TT

Jamesoppa Jan 24 '13 · Comments: 2 · Tags: language, chinese, spanish, opportunity
I just feel like writing about my experience on this site, thus far. Because A> I can not sleep and B> A really good song came on my Ipod. So i'll pretty much write for the length of the song.

I love coming here because of all the new friends i have made, only two being in my actual country, not even state and one i knew previously.

I love this community because it is intimate, and the opportunity it brings to form bonds overseas and what not.

I have not come here with the agenda of finding myself a lover or anything remotely close, i am here because i love the people, and it's the people here that keep me coming back for more.

I am truly honored to have made so many lovely new friends, who are infinitely kind, upbeat and always up for a chat. We are all supportive of each other and encourage each other to pursue whatever it is that our hearts desires, and that is what i really like.

Even if it is online - even if it is not IRL. The kind words and friendships i have formed make me smile everyday.

I lovessss you guise.

Wow this song is cool. Also much longer than i anticipated.

Turtles and Hugs

Kiley x
peep Jan 8 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7
Literally sat on the sofa next to the Christmas tree right now, eating Celebrations chocolates with the netbook on my knee, I'm snuggly warm, the fire is crackling and the tree lights are on. Can safely say that this is wonderful :) Happy Holidays. <3
LauraCathrine Dec 29 '12 · Comments: 3
Boredboredbored... <3
LauraCathrine Dec 26 '12 · Comments: 1
Man I love Christmas :) Giving presents and friends droppinng by. That is all. <3
LauraCathrine Dec 26 '12
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