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General Chat
Just about anything
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Liveline · Oct 17
Relationship and Dating
Relationship discussions, dating tips, etc
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atruelove88 · Oct 16
In The Romance Tour That Made Me Meet & Marry the Love of My Life
Post your resumes or job openings here. Let's hook each other up with some jobs and $$$
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jeff1425 · Sep 28
In Tour company
Movie, Music, and Pop Culture
KPOP, JROCK, CPOP, Asian dramas, movies, animes and pop culture discussions
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kobayaya · Oct 5
In Do you guys like K-pop?
Health, Body building
Talk about health issues, body building, weight loss tips, etc.
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HopeIsFragile · Sep 11
In Weight Loss Encouragement
Asian cuisines, drinks discussions
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Sendoh · Aug 9
In Mayo
Site Improvements, Suggestions, or Issues
Tell us how do you want to improve the site or report technical issues here
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Knight · Aug 18
In Suggestion: mobile app
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Chinese Language (中文)
Discuss in Chinese here
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tangning · Mar 21
In 在西方女人眼里中国男人什么样
Japanese Language (日本語)
Discuss in Japanese here
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Krys · Oct 1 '16
In やあ! にほんごを はなす たいです. Want to help me?
Korean Language (한국어)
Discuss in Korean here
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Nipyon · Feb 23
In i'm seeking teacher
German Language (Deutsch Sprache)
Discuss in German here
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Marty_23819 · Sep 19 '16
In Thailand Urlaub/Reise
Other languages
All other languages
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xzn0003 · Aug 26 '16
In Guys from Vietnam