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sasasa Dec 31 '12
is there anyone here from california?
betiek Jan 12 '13
Im from Bako... but live in Montana now... Where in Cali are you from?
sasasa Jan 13 '13
bako is bakersfield right? im from union city near san francisco
betiek Jan 13 '13
LOl... yes Bako is Bakersfield.. sorry habit to call it Bako..... I know union city... my brother lives in chico
outerorbit1 Jan 28 '13
Los Angeles here.
alliekat Feb 7 '13
I'm from Pomona :)
keyed Feb 8 '13
san fran baby!
Hookahpro Feb 8 '13
Beverly Hills here.
Melodymaker Feb 9 '13
San Diego for school
Tony Mar 22 '13
not me!
Ringer Apr 13 '13
California IE... ya know, the lame place.
rst5167 Mar 9
San Francisco
Quinn Mar 12
An L.A. native here.
rst5167 Jun 23
I'm from the Bay Area