Baby face or slightly fuzzy? | Forum

misooppa Dec 11 '13
I like both :) But it does depend on the person <3
looknofurther Dec 17 '13
Right now, I am trying to grow out my mustache and beard, but they seem to come out in patches and aren't full grown, lol, oh Asian male problems. I'm gonna give it a month and if it doesn't grow out full, then I'm shaving it.

I think the Japanese carry facial hair pretty well, it makes those Yakuza members in the movies look bad ass. 

chickentoes Dec 26 '13
I prefer women that are slightly fuzzy and confused.
Pollyanna Mar 7 '16
I think it depends. Some AM might look good rugged, while others look better sharp (for example, guys with more feminine features). It depends on one's facial physiognomy. Personally, I dislike big beards (lumberjack type), but a bit of facial hair can be sexy on certain guys. 
DennyPrincess Dec 19 '16
Depends on the pertain but I usually like some scruff.
andrewc2 Dec 20 '16
I gotta rock some facial hair otherwise I look 19... 
FluffyBunny Apr 22 '17
Uhmmm, i think it would have to depend on the guy in question. Some look awesome with it, some don't. I don't really have a preference.
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