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nobu Mar 25 '12
Hello All, 

Just Curious. There are a lot of Eastern European women on here. I've noticed this in real life as well. Just curious to what people on here have to say about this. 

Missy192 Mar 27 '12
my lips are sealed.
dinsane Apr 6 '12
I am not an Eastern European technicaly... 

click the link to see explination


prelude4 Apr 7 '12
eastern european women are hot. what's not to like? yes i'm that shallow... :D
zarxDrfumanchu Apr 22 '12
can enyone else have any oppinions on this .. i think its cause of the advent of kpop and the rise of chinese economy and the shift of china to become a consumer society.. 

hellothere May 3 '12
sounds good.. i like it!
yellow_hat May 6 '12
Not even sure what this whole discussion is about? Is he asking does Eastern European girls like Asian guys? If that is the case then the real answer is no not really. I am talking in general terms, so I am not saying that all EE girls don't like Asian guys. There are a lot of German girls that love jpop. A lot of EE girls always like guys from Bali. If you know how to charm an EE girls than she will want to be with you just like any other girls. 
prelude4 May 10 '12

my general feeling is european girls are more curious about asian guys than american girls are, probably because americans see more asian guys on a daily basis and dont think asian guys are that mysterious.

dinsane May 10 '12
exploring anal depths of asian men is newest  mission for european girls!
dedani May 11 '12
ANAL MEhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sasa May 25 '12
East Europe is a passage house in the history.....a mixture of blood :D

Yes!Eastern European girls are hot!! :)))

yellow_hat May 25 '12
Yeah man, EE girls is the holy grail for Asian guys. lol
sasa May 25 '12
"holy grail" ..this lovely...:DD
yellow_hat May 25 '12

Quote from Snowflake "holy grail" ..this lovely...:DD

This true :P
yellow_hat Jul 4 '12

Quote from Lioness As an Eastern European girl I can say that yes,we are more curious because we don't see Asian guys on daily basis like American women for example. And yes,we like Asian guys ;)

I always see Eastern European girls with white guys. I can't even recall seeing EE girls with an Asian guys. I am sure there are some but not a lot if you compared the ratio on white and Asian guys.
MR_JASON Jul 5 '12
I have noticed that there is a growing number of eastern European girls who show interest in Asian guys :)
mrcontradiction Jul 9 '12
I think partially it has to do with the type of look they find attractive. A lot of America is about bigger faster stronger muscles and very masculine looks. European men are a lot slimmer and more feminine looking in my opinion which goes along with the asian stereotype. When I was in Europe I met a lot of very nice and sweet ladies including French, Czech, Russian, Bulgarian, and Australian. There were two asian guys in our group for those who are wondering. Me and my other buddy.
Norita Jul 27 '12
I am from Bulgaria, and I really like asian guys, too ;)
Serafima Aug 9 '12
Maybe Eastern European women are tired of the "American Standard" .. just guessing :P

By the way some statistic in Russia say that there are much more women than men in russia !  (be happy guys .. the girls have really harsh competition in their own country.. xD )

xxxxxx Aug 9 '12
I just joined and I noticed there are mostly European women here too.  To me, that's a good thing! :)  Euro gals are beautiful and I don't see too many around the area where I'm from.  Pretty cool way to connect and make friends from across the globe.
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