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joestarbill Jul 13 '16
I went through a kpop phrase around the time psy's gangnam style came out, but now I don't actively listen to it. I still have some kpop songs in my music library.
Psy - Daddy still cracks me up whenever I hear it.
Shinee - Ring Ding Dong
Big Bang - Tonight, Fantastic Baby
TVXQ - Share the World (not kpop, but a kpop band)
Krys Sep 30 '16
I love kpop. It's mostly what I listen to.
Miketo Nov 11 '16

Quote from Korean_Romeo I have a absolute hatred toward K-pop.  As my username indicates, I'm Korean and it seems like Korean music is getting worst decade after decade.  I also hate their "scene" as well as their lack of diverse genres.  
Same here I'm Korean also, I don't know your age but i'm in my 40's and I detest Kpop.  There is a Korean song that states that women treat men like dogs.  The Men's Rights in South Korea have complained.  I passionately hate kpop.  

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moesha007 Dec 9 '16
Quote from Vox i dont like it XD
Why not?

Sue Jan 27 '17
I never really got into until I moved there and then, its just everywhere so... I started really liking Big Bang and realized an ex used to have Jay Park as his cell ring tone.... but Jay is more K hip-hop.... I like more Korean bands I guess like ...FT Island, Akdong Musician (more of a duo) and CN Blue. Some I've seen at free live shows with acts like Psy, Boyfriend and Sistar.
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Nononono Aug 14 '17
Love it. Big variety, good looking people, talented singers and dancers also great mvs. Only thing that annoys me often is that the music is louder than the voices so you can only hear them in the background. And I don't like the songs which are more like a quiet whispering than real singing. But besides that. AWESOME. 
kobayaya Oct 5 '17
kpoop? no I dont like dancing faggots with make up

Joy1981 Jun 8 '18
Super Junior ELF!!! :)

How could someone not like it, is my question? ;)
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