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ninad Apr 5 '12
I always wondered how did you realize you love caucasian girls knowing how asian oriented asian men can be by their upbringing....
prelude4 Apr 6 '12
I've always like caucasian girls because of the way they look, ie. the color of their hair, eye, nose shape, skin tone etc. And then there's hollywood and media which reinforced the idea that caucasian girls are sexy and hot day in and day out, which I'm not complaining......

Chilipino Apr 21 '12
I was born and raised in the US, American  media played a big part. Another thing was I actually didn't associate much with other Asian people other than family, all my friends were Caucasian, Hispanic, etc. So I guess it started from the beginning for me, because I didn't see myself any different.
zarxDrfumanchu Apr 22 '12
love should cross any perceived borders .. geography..  chillpinoy and prelude .. is showing/indicating something though, that it is how your conditioned and what you see as beautiful in your eyes..  look up fat houses in africa.. and you concept of beauty will be pitted against a different form of beauty.. of whatever societies we just so happened to belong in.. it does matter what we look like to each other.. its just how it is .... anyone and everyone can be beautiful to another and yet ugly to someone else.. 
zarxDrfumanchu Apr 23 '12
id like to have someone to feel like this about ..


eugenius May 24 '12
It's really easy, they have booty. I learned that really early and I've been the same since :)
Griffin_the_third Jun 4 '12
They have total package and the right amount of everything. Best looks and best personality.

1. Nice body, not too skinny or fat
2. Good American personality that I can relate to in sports, food, and clothes
3. Outgoing personality that I can talk to and have fun going out with them
4. Best facial structure, best eye structure and diverse eye color
5. Pretty skin that ranges from white to tan.
Lend Jun 29 '12
I like girls of all races, but living so far in the south it's hard to differentiate who's willing to date an Asian guy...
outerorbit1 Jul 28 '12
For me, it all started when I was probably 12 or 13, but it wasn't until I was 23 that I started to realize this phenomena.  I went to an elementary school highly populated by Russian people and my first crush was on a Russian girl named Skylar. She would always speak Russian to her friend, and even though I had no clue what she was saying, I really liked to listen to it because it sounded beautiful.

From my experience, the cultural differences and language is what intrigues me the most.  It's a fun and exciting process to learn each other's differences and to bridge those gaps.  

And lastly, I adore the way they look. This is probably the most shallow reason, but I had to admit it. ;)


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franksremote Aug 29 '12
Not just caucasian girls but those with eye colors other than brown.  It really is too bad that 99% of asian women have brown eyes, there's nothing like looking into an amazing set of hazel, blue or green ones...
echoi13 Sep 17 '12
Had to have been all the porn in my youth!  Kidding of course... kinda
dreambelieve Sep 17 '12

Quote from echoi13
Had to have been all the porn in my youth!  Kidding of course... kinda
That explains a lot.  :D
lildebbiegirl Oct 23 '12
Asian men are my favorite I don't really blush for anyone, but when asian guys are near I get shy in the best sense.
joren Oct 26 '12
white women are just the perfect mix of all the best qualities a woman can have...
- body (perfectly proportioned)
- mind

í fell in love with a blonde girl at school and ever since i have a weakness for blondes and brunettes also....

i do love all women, but blondes and brunettes have priority above other....

Darlene Nov 10 '12
What an interesting topic. It's fun to get into some of your heads when it comes to who your attracted to.
yih Nov 11 '12
white girls look exotic ^^so they are attractive 
Blcknight Nov 27 '12
Maybe iam wrong but i think most of the guys choose a white gf because of her upper body.
TakiLung Dec 17 '12
Caucasian girls are extremely attractive compared to asian girls, their eyes are so big and gorgeous, i could spend ages looking into their eyes lol . i prefer them over my race anytime ;( 

one thing that concerns me is that they change really quicky in lat 30s, it comes into diet i guess, no offence to anyone

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Davidistseng Dec 17 '12
For as long as i can remember I've always liked White girls, theres something about them that just draws them to me, they are just more fun to be with. Im sort of attracted to the feisty type and a lot of Asian girls just don't have that little cute attitude like the White girls. I mean from what I see in the neighborhood where i live, the White girls take care of themselves really well, have gorgeous features, and very confident.
Jaws Dec 29 '12
I don't exclusively date white women but I am very attracted to them. I also have a thing for South Asian (Indian, Sri Lankan etc.) women as well. I had my first mutual crush with a white girl when I was 5. Her name was Shavon (not sure if this is the right spelling, we didn't know how to spell yet) and she had straight blonde bangs; a total cutie! I'm don't remember why but we ended up breaking up. :(

I have a thing for white women because they look different than what I'm used to being around (mostly Asian) which is probably why I like South Asian women as well.

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