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Kymelb Mar 3 '13
So I am an Australian female who has an interest in Asian males. I must say my interest is not limited to one or two countries of origin. I am curious as to which qualities men may find attractive about white females and also which qualities are a turn off.

I am not here to change myself and morph into an ideal. It is more a curiosity and I guess things to be aware of.

Any feedback would be warmly welcomed. Thanks guys ^^
inactive9 Mar 3 '13
Well I can only speak for myself. I am not only into white women, but into any woman of ability. Specific features might be important to me, but if I state them explicitly, then I will be overstating their importance. There are some core values, such as honesty and loyalty, but I am assuming everyone desires those qualities.

So I guess, many Asian guys will be judging their girls on a case by case basis, unless you prefer a guy to pick you for a feature you may or may not possess?

Kymelb Mar 3 '13
Logx, I see your point. I also have particular things I would ideally like to find in any man. My attraction is not specific to any one trait though I do have base qualities that I desire too.

Thank you for joining in. I'm very much enjoying my time here :)
Chozy Mar 5 '13
Generally I would say AM's are attracted to the following physical features on WF:

Sharp, angular features
Large multicolored eyes
Soft hair in various hues
Pale complexion
Full shapely body structure

If you're talking inner qualities, that would greatly vary according to the individual but I would say if the man is westernized, he most likely appreciates the WF's independence and spunk.

The biggest turn off may be a woman's dogged adherence to certain aspects of extreme feminism where an AM's natural inclination towards chivalry can be coldly rebuffed, e.g. man offers to carry something/hold door open and woman gets offended saying "I can do that myself!"  Always a big turn off for me anyway.  Or perhaps a woman showing a distinct lack of interest in my culture/food etc.
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Kymelb Mar 5 '13
Thanks Chozy! I think WF who are interested in AM enjoy their food and culture or are willing to try. Personally I enjoy chivalry from any man. It is a reminder that the lady is respected and important to the man.

I once made the mistake of denying the chivalry of a Chinese man that I catch the train with. Since then I get nothing more than a polite nodding of the head from him and then he hides away. I regret my actions still a year along.

Since that day I politely and gratefully accept chivalry and am always sure to softly say thank you and smile. Your feedback is greatly appreciated :)
Kymelb Mar 5 '13
Added note though... I am socially quite vibrant, chatty and laugh a lot. I am confident but not obnoxious :)
Knave_E Mar 5 '13
Well I would say that it depends on the individual Asian guy, especially in terms of what physical features they find attractive, but also in terms of what specific personality and character traits they are in to. =D

We can each only speak for ourselves as individuals really in that regard (rather than for AMs in general as a group and what they're attracted to, compared to other races of guys) -- similar to what Log/Tony said in his first sentence.

One thing that I think CAN be spoken for guys of all races in general-- because it's like what Tony said about the basic "core" stuff, the stuff that sounds so simple and generic, but that we sometimes forget in the noise and chaos of everything -- is that guys open up more to girls who are open to them. They're more encouraged by girls who give them a vibe of being warm and inviting. A girl who is just blatantly cold/uncaring when you try to approach her or strike up something is obvious of course... but there is also a difference in vibe between people who are responsive simply out of politeness/professionalism/custom, and those who are responsive because they are actually interested.

Of course, the vibes that a guy feels may very well turn out to be dead wrong -- and a gross misreading of the girl, lol -- but it's all a guy has to go by, until he finds out more. But if he gets a bad vibe (as described above), he often won't feel like pressing the issue with the girl any further. So it ends before it ever started.

So to wrap it up, I guess it just really helps to emphasize your being nice, open, friendly, chatty, etc. with someone that you like or are open to. They'll respond to that and will be encouraged by it, and may even feel flattered and like you more because of it.

^ In the case of Asian guys, this might be even more important in order to get through to them; with the marginalization of Asian guys in media and society, and all the dehumanizing portrayals of them that are fed to the masses (if they are portrayed at all), and the slanderous things that are said about them to make them sound bad, I've seen the faith of some Asian guys in non-Asian girls liking them has been shot to pieces. So a non-Asian woman emphasizing her receptiveness to individual guys that she's open to, might help guys in those cases open up more than they would otherwise.
Knave_E Mar 5 '13
wth, how did my post end up so long? xD I really need to learn how to condense better, ahahaha. =P
Kymelb Mar 5 '13
Thank you :-) I enjoyed that very much. I'm smiling a lot xo
MAGMA Mar 7 '13
Just be yourself ;) You don't need to pretend to be anyone, or change yourself to be the one "oh Asian men like it".  just like me, i love my ex-white girlfriends not only because of their appearance, also i adored their personalities. 
Kymelb Mar 7 '13
Thanks Mag! I am always myself. I'm not here to change. I guess I was just curious :)
Jaws Mar 8 '13
You are gorgeous and you sound very smart and bright. You have this one's vote. (:
Jaws Mar 8 '13
I also can't believe all of the intelligent responses in this topic... this made me happy in the brain area. (:
Kymelb Mar 9 '13
Thank you J, you are very sweet. Your feedback has been warmly welcomed. Also I'm glad you are happy in the brain area lol
Tony Mar 10 '13
I'd love to see!
Jaws Mar 11 '13
No problem. I hope you find someone soon. Good Luck!
Kymelb Mar 11 '13
:) and you also
Jokes Mar 20 '13
i think for an Australian context specifically, it's generally how most Aussie born and bred girls (regardless of ethnicity) are always willing to give it a go?

I'm from Singapore - moved to Australia a few years back and I've come to realise how much more fun is there to be had when people are just generally more willing and game to try anything. For me, as with all prior points before, one thing that white girls have that intrigues me is this certain je ne sais quoi about them. they seemingly exude a zest for life and find fun in most things. of course, this is not representative of everyone.

a drawback to that could also be that as opposed to asian girls - who are culturally doctrinated to be or seem 'supportive' of their partners/bfs, white girls may be construed to be not as 'loyal' or 'supportive' in this aspect. of course, this is a huge sweeping statement which may not be pertinent to everyone out there. hope this helps! :)

Kymelb Mar 20 '13
Agreed in most points, however.. I can only speak for me and though quite bubbly and open I am focused and quite traditional too. Supportive and loyal are necessary requirements in all relationships.
Cheers for your words :)
peep Mar 21 '13
I'm fairly certain that adversity comes in all shapes and forms, not just racism. Overcoming adversity doesn't make you better than anybody else, it makes you stronger personally that's about it.

I don't like the "this country"statement. It's not fair to put down an entire country based on a few people who have overstated their own beliefs. I myself have been told numerous times by Asian men that i am " Too fat to date " While i am not the social standards of beauty by any overstatement - I am clever enough to know that not all Asian men are going to think like that. (Still waiting for that to be confirmed) Point is. You can't cuss out an entire country or race based on a few negative experiences. It's basic psychology that you will remember the worse then the good. 

Just food for thought.

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