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melanchorin Jan 4 '16
what do white girl think ?
Asian guys don't speak english very much

i'm practicing english if i dating white girl
but i don't want they think it objective to dating ?

lilykinz Mar 3 '16
I think an accent is adorable! Just be confident, and don't worry that you make mistakes in your words (it's cute!). Dating a person who speaks the language you are learning is probably one of the best ways to learn. But if you are worried she will think you only want an English lesson, I would suggest that you actually take an English language class, and make sure that she knows you are taking lessons. 

Show her that you are interested in her, just like you would with a girl who speaks your language. If she really likes you, she will probably become interested to learn your first language too.

FluffyBunny Apr 22 '17
I agree with lilykinz.
Gandewa Apr 22 '17
Yeah. I agree. Sorry my English skill is very bad, so I joined this SN to improve it. Greetings from Indonesia.
NelsonPunch May 6 '17
Totally agree. Struggling in speaking English. We are in the same boat lol
Dean May 6 '17
Yesss we're on the same boat. You will be amazaed when i speak english with my accent, since we juat born here in mix Indo subculture, so totaly I probably come out with 3 mix different culture accent, How Interestin!!! ;)