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bunchk Dec 25 '14
Asian man with black girls INTERESES refer to reality or fiction?
HabitualDayDreamer Jan 3 '15
I'll keep you posted when I find out the answer LOL. I've wondered the same thing.. but in all honesty there are some (many)AMBW relationships… and have been for many years esp in areas like California.. it's just not as broadcast. For many years esp in California Blacks and Asian lived in some of the same neighborhoods. And in most areas Asians have owned businesses and lived and thrived in the same areas as Blacks. Surely there have been a few romances sparked. 
nostain Jan 13 '15
i think there is a place for that, especially in usa iguess
MuayThai209 May 10 '15
I'm from NorCal and my uncle dated a black woman for a long time. They were both in their late 20s. She was pretty.
nirv78 Mar 20 '16
Seen that
Iggs Mar 22 '16
I have a question for you, OP. What do you think attracts black females to asian males? To be honest, I have found some black females very attractive. But somehow, I couldn't overcome my shyness to approach attractive black females in the past. 
kadijahl Jan 2 '17
I love asian guys alot of them are attracted to black females . They like us but they can be very shy at times which to me is cute .
Evetpup775 Feb 24 '17
2 years ago I used to work at this pharmacy company with a black coworker. We both got hired at the same time, got the training on the same team. One day, during break I initiated the conversation and asked her about her interests, etc. Afterward, we had a spark interest for one another. Everyday when we were in the training room we sat next to each other, and I tend to initiate the conversation and made her laugh. We were holding hands but we didn't kiss yet. 2 weeks later when we completed our training we got both got separated to each department's team :(, and so we didn't see each other then. Our lunch and breaks time were different and I forgot to ask for her # either. After the 3rd week, I decided that I will have to change my breaks and lunch hours so I can catch her whenever she is in the cafeteria. Unfortunately, I asked one of the girl that was in the same team as I about her friend. She told me that the girl that sat next to me quit the company because she got a better offer at another company.

I was really sad because I didn't get to ask for her #.

So ye, she was the first black girl that I ever developed an interest in. She was petite, slim, about 5'6", and she does ballet.

Love is really strange sometimes.

tangning Mar 21 '17
African girls can absolutely be attractive. I found Naomi Campbell very beautiful. I also like Adriana Lima. I know, she is not 100% African though.