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K_piazza Jan 22 '14
I just wanna to know if asian man are atracted to Latin women, I'm a 100% Latina (Puerto Rico). I love them but I don't have any experience with asian, in my country is hard to find any asian man and if u can find them they are old men.
What u guys think??? And what about us u guys like it and what not?
nathan1991 Jan 22 '14
What's wrong with old men? 
K_piazza Jan 23 '14
They have more than 50 and I'm 25
admin Jan 23 '14
I've seen many asian men latinas couples in the states. Maybe you should move to the upper 50 states, especially to the North East or Cali/West Coast.
K_piazza Jan 23 '14
Yes,maybe i should
Andele Jan 28 '14
love them 
K_piazza Jan 29 '14
Good Andele
NachoCheese Mar 18 '14
I love Latinas, however I've dated a few and wonder if there aren't many Asian men with Latinas because of the culture.  The Latinas that I dated wanted a very forward and macho man whereas Asian men seem to be more subdued for the most part.  Thoughts?
LaLocaMe Dec 6 '15
I wish
frozencdnam Dec 7 '15
I'd recommend you doing the approaching, at least at first. That way you'll figure get over the possible risk of cultural speedbump quickly, and straight into conversation - it might be a long wait for an eastern/Asian gent to approach latinas, but obviously that depends on their upbringing and the environment (college, work, grocery store, coffee shop, etc).

Speaking only for myself, dating a beautiful latina would be awesome and I wouldn't hesitate to approach if i saw clear signs of interest.
MarshallM Jan 3 '16
Finally I found about my culture ^^ 
I'm mixed peruvian-italian, currently living in Peru. 
In my point of view many latin girls prefer asian guys for their personality and culture.
billyjay7878 Jan 28 '16
Are you kidding me? Mamis are hot!!!
fan1987 Jul 19 '16
I love Latina girls, but it's hard to find one here in Asia.
Chozy Sep 13 '16
Yes we adore Latinas.  In fact, I believe recent studies suggest Latinas are the absolute favorite (even trumping Azn chicks) among Asian men.  It's not just for looks either.  The similarities between our cultures and mutually being more family oriented are also major drawing points. 

The person above that mentioned 'subdued' Asians is obviously only referring to beta Asian Americans; I haven't found us Koreans (anywhere else in the world) to be very subdued in any way.  I think the opposite is more our problem. 
philipw Sep 20 '16
For me!? yes of cause

I like to have girlfriends who came from Western side of the world....yeah I like white girl

But especially USA ITALY and LATINAS!!
harry011 Sep 28 '16
I love Latinas :p
K_piazza Sep 29 '16
alanc2 Jan 6 '17
I've been with Latinas my whole life, I found myself attracted to them a young age. In fact, I studied Spanish because I know it would help me while taking to a Latina :) I would say mi español es muy excellente. 

But of course not all Asian men are down for Latinas, but a lot of my Asian guy friends are. Those are more open minded. Latinas are sexier than Asian girls, I personally am not into Asian girls what so ever. I'll gladly take a Latina any day. 
ryanc2 Apr 27 '17
I love Latina woman!! Problem is around my area I don't believe there very much of them that are attracted to the asian crowd..Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places haha
Dean May 4 '17

Quote from LaLocaMe I i wish could see some latin woman here in my country

Quote from LaLocaMe I wish

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