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IsaUcros May 22 '17
I hope so but im in the friend zone with an asian guy so..........  Hahahha Greetings to everyone here
Diver May 23 '17

Quote from IsaUcros I hope so but im in the friend zone with an asian guy so..........  Hahahha Greetings to everyone here
Do you want to go beyond the friend zone with him? If so, just remember you only live once.
TheOneAndOnly May 26 '17
Of course! I dated a Mexican girl for two years.
VFL Sep 21 '17
Personally most of my exes are latinas so yeah. It seems to be my personal preferance but I don't descriminate. 
erickiki Oct 26 '17
yeah i think so
RobertAnthony Nov 6 '17
Las mujeres latinas son geniales!
Latina women are great, just like Portuguese, Spanish, Argentinian and Brazilian women.
They are very feminine. They dance, dress very well and walk like a woman should do.
Latinas are great in detail. They are open and appreciate your time like Chinese women.
They are intelligent like Swiss women.
They are very passionate. Their lips are delicious like Argentinian or Portuguese women.
They are caring and cook like traditional Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, Baltic, or Ivory Coast (African) women.
Their eyes have this beautiful self-assured gaze like Romanian, Macedonian, Serbian, and Cameroon women.
Through experience, with preference to them over French or North European women,
because Latinas know how to make a man feel like a man.
Their bodies are well proportioned with the hip and shoulders like the golden ratio.
It is very important to learn Spanish. Es muy importante!!! C'est très important!!!
It will make her feel safe with you, anywhere you go.
Hasta luego, Amigos!
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lored Dec 25 '17
I think yes and I love Asian men hahaha 
Rogerk Dec 28 '17
I've always found latina women to be the most attractive. My ex wife is Puerto Rican and my son is half Puerto Rican(half korean/ half mostly white, some african, and taeno native, did the ancestry dna thing) so I'll always be partial to Puerto Ricans.
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