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Amira Oct 11 '16
Hi ^^

Well, at the moment I live in London and was thinking of how many people are there in the UK here. 

Actually i was thinking of relocation in near future, and one of the most important criteria are - possibility to find a job, housing prices and availability of Chinese, Korean and Japanese food.

Would you mind to share some places to go in your city and give brief info on amwf couples around.

Ok, i will start. As London is huge, you can see a lot of different couples. Mostly you can see asian female/ white male couples and families. However you can see asian male and white female couples, lately, more and more. 

There are couple of places to go (ones of my favourites)

From Chinese places - Floating Lotus in Canary Wharf, they have awesome dim sum.

And other favourite place is Royal China.

Also we have a Korean Town ... close to London, but it takes a while to travel.  From Korean places i love Pocha, which is close to Waterloo station.  

Whats your towns best of the best?

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GreenMacha Jan 7
Korean food I would say the restaurants near Tottenham Court and New Malden are great.

Chinese food I would say Baker Street, Chinatown and Birmingham in UK second biggest city. Dim sum is better with bigger groups or if you’ve starved yourself a few days.

Japanese food then the small boutique restaurants scattered around London are good.

Vietnamese food I would say kingsland road north London.

These are my temporary fixes for Asian food in London should I get lazy and don’t wanna cook at home and entertain whilst out and about.

Amwf relationships is still a rarity compared to wmaf population, built I do see more mixed dating of all nationalities in London compared other cities in and around UK. So the odds of these relationships happening are better in London compared other cities.
merryway11 Jan 21
New York has 3 separate China Towns, I love the large group meals with multiple dishes. But it's hard to get 8 people together. There are Chinese and Korean table barbecue, some are AYCE with good food.

I also adore The Buffet in College Point, Southern Chinese style.