Challenges facing a koreon man raised by white parents | Forum

robo Jan 22 '18
Hello, I was adopted when I was 1 year old from south korea..  I was raised by two loving white parents who did not feel it necessary to force me to try to adopt any asian customs or habits i guess.  Basically I'm a white guy in an asian guys body..  I have always found it hard to date asian women just because culturally I have nothing in common with them..  But trying to date white women is equally as challenging I've found..  any advice?
prelude4 Jan 29 '18
white washed asian girl maybe?
RobertAnthony Mar 2 '18
To love a lady is to love oneself first unconditionally.

Do what you love and the ladies that love what you do will follow.
A woman is attracted if you know how to guide her just like dancing.
Like in dancing, never tell her what you are going to do.
She has to guess what your movements, in the placement
of your hands on her back and on her right hand, her hips and her feet.
Always find a lady that listens well, this will help in your guidance.
The more responsible you are, the feminine she becomes.
This is putting her in her place. This creates attraction.

Never choose a woman that wants to lead in dancing and that she listens very little.
This is a mum and a son relationship, where she will you in your place.
Which creates tension and repulsion, meaning one has less loved oneself.

To love a lady is to love oneself first unconditionally.