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Serafima Aug 18 '12
If you could choose only one, what would you pick?

I'd probably.. after hard thinking.. meat!.. xD

prelude4 Aug 18 '12
meat and cheese should always goes together like how it is in cheese steak!!!
Serafima Aug 19 '12
thats cheating.. xD ... >.< only one , Tak ,  haha-
Pessa Aug 20 '12

Not being a big fan of meat, I'd probably choose cheese.

Though I agree the combination of both is best ^^

prelude4 Aug 20 '12

sera, its tough to eat a cheesesteak without meat or without cheese. It just wont taste the same..... So I will either have both or not have it at all....

Serafima Aug 20 '12
yeah, Tak, ofc.. T.T.. but, but, but you have to choose one.. xD
(wanna try cheesesteak too btw °-°)

By the way.. while were talking about it
Comment on this ones:

What about "special sorts of cheese" like french ones .. Camembert or like this?

And what about raw/medium /cooked steak? 

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prelude4 Aug 20 '12

oh so you wanna try the original philly cheesesteak? you gotta come to america, more specifically, philedelphia. I think that's where it gets its name from.

speaking of cheese, i've seen on TV a kind of cheese with maggots living in it.......O_o and ppl eat the cheese with maggots, so does that count as cheese or meat? Ha

dreambelieve Aug 20 '12

There's a place in Wisconsin called the Mars Cheese Castle.  So evil and delicious.  :)

Serafima Aug 26 '12
.. *sigh* oka okay, I give up .. Cheese AND meat .. lol

By the way, in germany there is a kind of sausage that has cheese inside.. tastes really good.. bbq or just fried :D ~~~
kaiyouske Sep 6 '12

The combo of cheese AND meat.  


Zaphnath May 1 '13


chickentoes Dec 26 '13

its gotta be meat. please be ppl, lets bring some awareness to the cow over population issues in the Midwest.

ilikefreckles Apr 23 '14
meat. imitation cheese can be tolerated, imitation meat is blasphemy.
marko May 27 '14
jackj Aug 30 '14
For now cheese. I'm doing low carb
missfitmaiden May 22 '15

I'm part Italian, so I'm inclined to say "cheese."  However, meat is more nutritious, so I'd have to choose meat. 

zeph516 Jul 20 '15
Definitely meat.  I'm lactose intolerant, so only having cheese wouldn't be so good for me.
Janaki Jan 19 '17
Cheese....I'm a vegetarian.
slowmo2525 Nov 22 '17
love both, all varieties, but meat better for me/sustenance wise, will do low fat cottage cheese/honey again at night for slow releasing protein.