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amwoof Jul 7 '17
Hey all! I wanted to pose a question I've been curious about.

For better or for worse, the word "Asian" lumps together people from China, Japan, and Korea (as well as many other places), like how "White" lumps together many different Amero/European races. 

It is generally understood that "white" is not its own culture or race, and that there are many kinds of "white" people. 

My question is this: 

Do you think Asians are thought of as a singular race of people? 

As in, are "Asians" (more specifically, Chinese, Japanese, Korean) considered more or less all the same in terms of culture and sensibilities?

I personally sometimes feel a little uncomfortable when someone implies that Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans are all the same (because aspects of our cultures are SO different), and I am wondering what your thoughts are on this!