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Sunshinechick84 Nov 25 '15
I've been with my bf for almost two years now but there were some bumps in the beginning. I have two daughters with my ex- husband and my bf who is Chinese really wanted to hide that from his parents. I don't like to lie so after I had met his parents for the first time, I made him tell his parents.
His mom was devastated. His parents are very traditional from Hong Kong and viewed me as bringing shame to the family. Thankfully after getting to know me and my girls better she now loves us as our own and I'm very close to his parents.
Has anyone had the same experience?
OceanDeep2046 Dec 4 '15
Traditional Asians (parents) are not as open minded about it as Westerners. But I think it's gradually changing :)
DancingKokoro Dec 4 '15
Glad to hear that they eventually accept you in the family ^^ I don't think my mom will ever say yes to that. Though decision is mine to make anyway~~
Jules Dec 31 '15
I totally agree with OceanDeep2046! Traditional Asians are not as open minded about such a situation. I've dicussed this topic with some others on girlsaskguys.com, maybe some of our answers could help you .
KyuC Feb 20 '17
Hi sunshinechick. This is an old post but I figured I'd give my experience of it anyway.

I dated a single mother not so long ago. She had a beautiful 2 year old baby girl from a relationship of 6 years. While this didn't bother me one bit, it did bother my parents considerably. I'm korean. Born and raised in the US but my korean parents are very traditional. And although I thought a lot like the above responders in the post, when push came to shove, their actual response was shocking. She's brazilian but they were open about the fact she wasn't korean.  A lot more than the fact that she had children of her own. They've even gone so far as to say they will be ashamed and will "disconnect" from me. It was hurtful for me, but I'm sure even more for her. Unfortunately our relationship did come to an end but for the moment we tried our best despite these things. 

I'm very happy that your bf's parents eventually came around. I'd like to think my parents would have too but who knows. Best of luck!

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