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TheKenny Jul 23 '17
Ok, here is Asian Male with Non-Asian female networking forum, I have a question for you girls: What body types in Asian do you like?

In my personal experience, I live in Toronto Canada, I was very skinny when I first arrived, quite shy at that time. I have lots of luck with Asian girls, but non-Asian girls were quite friendly and just wanted to be friends (Friend zoned). 

I stated my workout about a year ago, now my Asian girls seem to be shy around me, while non-Asian girls seem to be more flirty with some my muscles popping out.

Put personalities aside, I wanna hear more your opinions on your body preference in Asian men.

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Joy1981 Jun 8 '18
Hi! My personal preference is with less muscles. I mean, you look great! But just my personal type, I like thin and lanky. :)

Not sure what the girls problem was? You are very handsome, so you would have been just as much back then.

But I do have to say, as a white woman, the men of our race make such a big deal about being muscular and big and strong, that maybe it’s just what white women have been wired to think is normal or attractive. I know I have heard Asian males say that they believe most white women usually view them as too feminine.
I do know there are some. Unfortunately, I live in small-town white America, so I’ve heard it.
But I find the Asian male structure extremely gorgeous. I’m artistic, so maybe that’s why I can appreciate the delicate appearance of the bone structure. AM have a defined, unrugged body type, but wield incredible inner strength.
And those eyes!!! I’m telling you, it’s an irresistible combination!!! :)
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