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johannv Apr 28 '16

GERMANY a difficult place for Asians or is a very rare place of the AMWF couples
1. the bureaucracy thing is rigid, stiff ...
2. it causes mostly a stressful for people from outside the EU countries

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johannv Apr 28 '16

hat is why the most asians do prefer the westcoast of US or canadian vancouver ...I guess it is based on the huge asian population out there. and you will see more AMWF couples in all corners in the westcoast 


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7I0vkKy504U ;


  a timeless classic

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sashat Apr 29 '16

Because more people can speak English than German. Also the United States and Canada are considered classical countries of immigration or "Land of opportunity". They say the promotion prospects are better than in Germany in the United States. Also the United States and Canada have a better reputation probably what integration there means for the most foreigners (EU, Australia or Asia or Africa). Alsothere are more leading universities there.  Because it is normal in the USA that foreigners can remain after successful studies, if they have a qualified job.
From Germany they are thrown out after the study, even if your employer here desperately needs them.  

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tangning Mar 21 '17
As a Chinese, I have never thought about moving to Germany. I mean, I like Germany, in many ways, but in general, only English is taught in Chinese educational system. I think most Chines would only consider English speaking countries if they want to immigrate. 

Besides, look at the map, why would a Chinese move to a geographically smaller country where presumably resource is even more limited? 

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