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foreverblue Feb 13 '15
Hi everyone,  I just joined not long ago and I wish I would join it sooner.  As I reading through discussions, when I came to the topic of How did you realize you love Asian guys, I was thinking why not start a topic from other side point of view.

When I was little, I am always into English music.  I think because I lived in TX for half year when I was 3.  Even I don't understand the lyric, I will just listen to the music.  Since I came to the state 20 years ago, I always been attracted to Caucasian girl and not sure the reasons.  Could be the hair color, eye color, or the outgoing personality make them stand out more.  Personally, I think interracial children are beautiful and has the best from both world.  Up to this date, I only dated one Asian girl and the rest are Caucasian.
MuayThai209 May 10 '15
For me, it was where I grew up. I was born and raised in California.

All the Asian girls were bad where I lived. Well, most of them. They were all very sexually active with different partners.

It was an unspoken understanding of the Asian community. We all knew how our Asian women were. South East Asian to be specific.

Even when I dated a South East Asian in high school, she told me before we started dating,"I'm not like those other South East Asian girls. I'm not dirty and I'm not a slut." She said that without me ever bringing up the subject. So yeah, we all knew how SEA girls were in my area.

My fiance who was SEA cheated on me with 3 different white men two years ago. I thought she was the one good girl. She didn't cheat until the 10th year but it all boiled down.

So that is and was my reason.

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surreal1000 Jul 5 '15
I've never had a white girlfriend (I wonder what it's like).  I got noticed one time when I was a teenager.  She fell down while running (we were both in track and field) and I was comforting her. The next day, she noticed me and wanted to get really close to me (like trying to brush her shoulder with mine while walking by).  Looking back to my teenage years, I wonder if I should've done something, she was really cute and looked like a young Marilyn Monroe.  I regret not going out, I lived in a racist town.
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lilykinz Nov 22 '15
Hi, I'm a white girl so I can't offer perspective, just wanted to say thanks to the Asian guys who are open to dating non-Asian girls! 
foreverblue Nov 24 '15
I was lucky enough to meet my gf on ehamony.  We have been dating for 7 months now.  She is from PA and her background is Irish and German.
frozencdnam Dec 7 '15
I was born and raised in the whitest part of Canada, so I've never held much preference for any specific ethnicity. 90% of my ex's are white, however I've dated Chinese, Japanese, and Brazilian before and had crushes on some black girls as well.

That's what happens, growing up liking how Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell look, equally..
paulthefree Dec 14 '15
Hi guys
I was raised in a pro Western family
I developed a fascination for Caucasian girls since I was 17 as I didnt like the snobbish,greedy and pampered attitude of most local Asian girls I know.
To me,caucasian girls are sweet,cute and beautiful.
However like any other ethno-gender group,they are commonly misunderstood due to stereotyping.And I want to break down such stereotypes
nirv78 Mar 20 '16
Just do.., guess I'm entitled since I'm more white than Asian, but look Asian so I'm here
Woozle May 5 '16
In the third grade, I received a Valentine from Sandy Saccullo. That day changed my life forever.
ac3115 May 30 '16
Hi everyone, I am a newbie here. I happen to find this site by searching AMWF-related topics. I was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to San Francisco in 1999. 

Ever since college, most of my classmates are beautiful white girls. With two of the girls from two different classes, we said "hi" and wave to each other every day. When I was in Disney College Program in Florida, I met a white girl there and we hanged out for a couple of days. At work, I talk to white girls all the time. On the streets, I see gorgeous white girls everywhere. I barely hang out with my Chinese friends or go to the Chinese communities, which is why I talk to white girls way more than Chinese girls.

Because of my surroundings, I don't see myself attracted to a Chinese girl. I have been dreaming of dating a white girl from the bottom of my heart!

Heretic76 Jun 2 '16
Grew up in the Midwest. In 5th Grade, when all the girls passed me up to square dance, dirty blonde Irish-American girl with bubbly eyes picked me as her partner. 11th grade, smokey eyed Irish-American girl sat next to me in Calculus class because she thought I was smart :). She wound up sitting next to me in Chemistry and History class too and she wanted me to "braid her hair". Naturally, the braid was a DISASTER, but her kindness left an indelible mark. Maybe I just have an "Irish" thing...
Miketo Nov 16 '16
I'm originally from South Korea. While growing in Toronto it was horrible girls to like me but once my parents move out of the city the first time ever a white girl liked me.   This liked me but her friend didn't like me and she out loud to me I don't see why my friend likes you I think it's bit silly.  I was afraid to ask her out due to friend and on top of that I ended moving just over a month or two later.
I remember in high school days when there was two girls in the city following my friend and I.   She kept on looking at us but my friend was afraid of them so I  didn't ask them out to go somewhere.  Sometimes I wished I was alone back then so I could have asked them out.

I'm not dating now.  I live in Toronto and it's horrible to date women here.
Yellowfellow Dec 24 '16
I was born to love them.  Either you love em or not.  Who determines your preference....Why so some like cheese cake vs key lime pie? 
alanc2 Jan 6 '17
I'm Asian, and I grew up in California. I was actually never into Asian girls, my first crush was a Latina when I was in High School. For many years I was really into Latinas, all my girlfriends have in fact been latinas and I speak Spanish fluently. Probably a few years ago I find myself attracted to white girls, they are very gorgeous in my eyes and some I've met are very intelligent, i love a girl that I can engage in conversation with.

I find Caucasian girls the most beautiful inside and out, I appreciate their beauty, personality, and intelligence. If I like her and she likes me as well, then I just want to please her in every way possible, ways that no other man can provide. 

I can relate with many Caucasian girls, many are free spirited, philosophical, intelligent, and love the same music that I like. They are generally carefree. I like that. Brunette, blonde, red head i love them all. 

Recently I met a beautiful Caucasian girl with blonde hair and blue eyes at a boba shop. I was debating whether or not to go talk to her and finally I did. I asked her if she wanted to play a game of fooze ball and to my surprise she said yes! So we played fooze ball together and had a wonderful time. I was very intimated by her beauty in fact my hands were shaking uncontrollably, which is rare for me. My regret is that I didn't get her number because I would have love to get to know her more. She studied Japanese in College, she would have been my dream girl, and I would have cherished her. 
5pmCyclist Jan 16 '17
I don't think I'm only attracted to Caucasian women.  Everyone has a little something different going for them.  I've dated Asians, 1 Native American and my last girlfriend was Caucasian.  Though I will admit that I usually find older Caucasian women look more attractive than say older Asian women (not in that weird fetish sense but more like hey she still looks good for her age kind of deal).  I've been told to stay away from Causasians as they don't age well.  I usually laugh it off as I find them age better than non Caucasians.
Celq Jan 31 '17
My opinion is that I prefer the western ways of thinking more than Asian ones. Is not that one is correct and other one isn't, but merely I prefer one over the other. (Though I strongly believe a balance is the best.)

As someone who lived in HK for 10 years and 15+ and counting in the UK, the culture is obviously different, and thus the approach to life is also different. 

When I first moved over to UK and studied, I remember how I had to learn multiplication twice. I already learnt it back in HK and had to learn it again in year 6. In HK we learnt without using techniques like using your hands or tricks, it was purely memorizing 3x4 is simply 12, 8x7=56...etc. Now in UK, they taught us things like to do 9x tables, you can use your hands to help you. British kids would ask why and how does it work, and teacher would demonstrate it and explain. Chinese teachers? They just told me and my classmates it is what it is and we just bought the teachers words without question.

I like the British / western mentality here. They researched and understood everyone learn things differently. Some learn through repetition and practice. Some learn through shown demonstration and imitation, and other learn through theoretic explanation. It was encouraged to find your own way of what works best for you. In HK? None of that was discussed at all. This is one of the examples of why I think I'm far more suitable of dating someone a Caucasian girl than my own people.

I felt from my own experience that traditional Asians who lived in Asia is less open-minded than Caucasians. Sure westerners tend to be more wild (partying a lot, alcohol, dating at a very very young age) and most people lack discipline (for example, it is taught in Asian traditional family that one shouldn't be picky of what food to eat. In the west? " I don't like broccoli. Pineapple on pizza? I ain't going to eat that are you mad? Don't make me lamp steak I don't like lamp make me beef instead!"), but strictness found in Asian cultures really discouraged creativity, new discovery and such. Playing piano? That's seen as a way to be famous to earn lots of money. Nothing to do with appreciating it as an art form. Alternatively, parents encourage kids to learn piano because common belief that learning piano is the most efficient way to improve ones ability such as timing, hand-eye coordination and others. Not to do with "kids should pursue what they are passionate about".
Kuma Jan 9
I had to say white girls or females are more straight forward and they're polite, even you know sometimes it's just for socializing but they do a really good job not to make you feel they're faking it. Asian women can't do that

I was raised in Taiwan until 14 then I moved to LA, girls are wayyyyy different, Asian girls are more realistic, you better either own something valuable(car, money, house, more the better) or you just need to be like super hot, like Kpop or Jpop. Also they gave me a really bad impression in socializing, you can't really pick up any Asian girls with pick up line on the street, you only get a fake number lool.

White girls are gorgeous, physically and mentally. A white girl confessed to me that she likes me back in the high school in the US, I didn't say anything because I was living with my grandma and my uncle, I never live with them before and they treated me too strict, my parents were away and couldn't be with me in a short time, so I was really stressed out during the time, I don't want to spread or release that negativity on a girl that brave enough to confess her feeling to me, it's like you want them to be where they're at so the relationship stay there and pretty, I don't want to say yes then break her heart just because my family I never met treat me badly and I might be moody all the time, I wanted to date a girl when I'm in my best condition so she can feel the real me.

But now look back I was thinking too much, I've dated her and if it went bad like how I expected then I can still finish the relationship peacefully and remain our friendship. 2 years in that white high school and I fell in love with white people, I didn't get any bullies and instead most of they can't understand so they be very very nice and try to help me out multiple times, that was my first impression to white people and the US. 2 years later I moved again and went to an Asian high school, 90% students were Asian mostly Chinese, 9% Hispanic(the previous one was 60% white 25% Hispanic 10% black and 5% Asian) Man I had my first racism experience in that school, yes, Asian Americans against Asians, the Viet American girl sat next to me thought I was "one of their kind" when I first talked, then she found out I'm not native when we did roll call, she started to isolate me for no reason and always went "what?" when I talk to her, as if I can't speak any English and thing like this happened to me a lot, I can still remember how I beat the shit out of a Chinese American guy for mocking "fob" in my chemistry class because I'm not 100% born and raised here.

So yeah my overall impression to Asians and Asian Americans are worse than Caucasians, there're some good Asians but just too few in that neighborhood, perhaps that white high school has some racist people, but they're polite most of the time, even they fake it pretend they're the good people is fine to me, at least you take that racism shit home.