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Joy1981 Jun 8 '18
Hi guys, just want to introduce myself and say how thankful to be among like-minded people. My name is Joylynn, but you can call me Joy.
I am American by birth, but my lineage is Russian, British, Irish and Scottish.
I have been raised in predominantly all-white towns, but have been attracted to Asian males since I was about 16. However, when you are in an all-white atmosphere, most people cannot understand your way of thinking. I simply, cannot understand theirs.
Perhaps some call it a fetish- however, I do not. It’s just preference. For example, there are a lot of beautiful flowers in a garden, but nothing is so beautiful to me as a rose.
Like, with Asian males.
So to all the other ladies here- I’m glad to be in the company of women with such good taste!

I really have a deep love for the South Korean culture. I am in the process of learning Korean. :)

And it is so cool to be able to mention Super Junior or Kdramas... and people actually KNOW what your talking about!!! Ha!
This is a first for me.

Soooo anyways, with that being said- I’m glad to be here and meet you. :) Have a great day!

God bless,