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Crow May 26 '15
Today, a little brown ball fell above while I was riding my bike, I was quick to react and nearly crashed from avoiding it as my bike was so close to running over it, i stopped and turned and realised that it was this cute little bird. I picked it up and put it back next to the tree it fell from, it was one of the best thing I have done so far haha  

The bird looks like the attached photo

  Baby bird.jpg (21.71Kb)
FluffyBunny Apr 22 '17
Cute bird, reminds me of something that happend to me. I was walking and passed by the laundry room in the apartment complex were me and my Dad live. I kept hearing this sound like something hitting glass, so i looked and saw a little bird stuck in the room. He kept hitting the window trying to get out. I tried to open the window for him but it was scrood down. So i went in and scooped the bird up in my hat and went and side and set him free. I felt pretty good after helping it.