Newbie seeking clarification! (Casual Talk vs Pick Up talk?) | Forum

Dodgeball9000 Oct 24 '16
Hey, I just joined the site today and have a relatively important question to ask.  I've asked around some close female friends of mine and I've been getting very mixed answers.

Question: Is the guy supposed to speak differently when talking to girls if the guy is looking for a relationship? vs Just talking normally.

So to put this in context, I'm 28, athletic and outgoing and I would say I have a good head over my shoulders, but I have never dated before.  I just haven't really entertained the idea of dating and finding someone till recently, and the dilemma is that now I don't really know what the protocol is.

My approach to talking to girls (or anyone for that matter) is just to be myself and be honest, and I've made some great friends in my life.  But I've been told that I need to learn a different way of talking, I was given the example the guy in the movie "Crazy, Stupid, Love" 

What are your thoughts?  Thanks in advance.

Ana_9 Nov 3 '16
Just be yourself... in that case you will find the right person :)
LeesaZT Nov 4 '16
I only joined yesterday and find the whole thing a bit daunting, you don't want to seem pushy or too relaxed, so I am going to go with Ana_9 advice and just be myself and keep my fingers crossed! :)
Dodgeball9000 Nov 4 '16
Thanks for the feed back, keep'em coming!  Really appreciate this!
LeesaZT Nov 5 '16
I'm going to keep coming back and checking on this topic :) It's has been the only conversation I have had, It seems to be a very quiet place so far :/
Miketo Nov 11 '16
It's called confidence. One thing you shouldn't do is take her number. What you do is ask a woman for her number and when she is about to get it to you you say wait and you tell her that you will give her that number. The reason for this is to see if you're interested. You have already done the manly thing and approached her. If she calls you arrange a date with her, don't ask her what she likes but you tell pick a place to meet. Second date you should try some form of physical contact. I'm not talking about groping a woman but touching her arm, shoulder or whatever. If she doesn't like that then she isn't interested. If she likes it then you go for a kiss, if she doesn't stop you she is interested. If you want to have confidence you should try and approach women and just tell him that you think she is a beautiful then walk away. Your goal with that shouldn't be to pick up a woman although you might. Your goal is to have confidence. It will take time. Women love humor, I'm not talking jokes but real life humor. Getting her to laugh is great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUy3_kBme4M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7PAYhmoKkA