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Sue Jan 23
For me I've noticed I like freckles and larger ears. Lol I'm just saying I met a cute Asian guy in Cali and he had freckles all over. The situation wasn't the best to talk with him but I wish I got to know him better. He didn't seem like he was 30 at all. The freckles were cute as heck.
Also, I like Jay Park (박재범) and he has the largest dumbo ears sticking out, but I find it endearing. It could be that it's just because they're on him...hmmm.... Anyone like odd features?
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Tonygrrr Feb 19
Haha,, that's funny,, but for me it's the combination of how parts are put together,, not so much an individual feature ☺
Nipyon Feb 23
Idk if its odd, but i like men with long fingers, wide shoulders & narrow (small?) hips and small ears. I also like pretty noses and feet. 
tangning Mar 20
No. the "normaler" the better. 
Babsie Aug 8
I have no idea why, but I've always found dimples and jug ears extreeeemely attractive on men .

Sendoh Aug 10
Thigh gaps