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zlennett Sep 27 '13
Although its not a common thing to see all the time but I find it interesting whenever I see a white female with an Asian male as a couple. I've heard multiple reasons to why white women prefer Asian males, one was that "we" tend to treat them better or that the culture genuinely sparks their interest or even the facial features attracts them. 

Asian power? haha

Isabellae Sep 28 '13
Yes, "you" tend to treat us better. And also I'm into asian culture and I find asian guys more attractive than western guys.

Oh, and... mixed race children are the cutest.

bamboored Sep 28 '13
Mixed race children are the cutest +1
zlennett Sep 28 '13

Half Asians 

Oscar Oct 3 '13
Mixed race children are cute +2

You probably find girls who like us Asian guys tend to have some fascination with Asian culture or probably do not find white guys that attractive.
Tiffany Oct 10 '13
I'd have to say it's all of the above but mostly Asian culture has been a genuine interest of mine since I was younger. Plus, Asian guys are just a lot sexier than white guys. ^^;
vusooooo Oct 12 '13
asian men treat me better. They are nicer to me and respect me more
Gwynbleidd Oct 17 '13
nice. thank you girls
maleficent Dec 3 '13
Quote from Benny Mixed race children are the cutest +1

OppaLover Dec 6 '13
bc big % of asian males are sexy n hot and exotic...(more than other races)
and the culture, the old history, the achievements...attractive...
Ichiro Dec 30 '13
Wow......just Wow!
Lamia Jan 1 '14
'Cause they know exactly how they should treat their woman. Most of the white and black men are just like the Neanderthals (of course NOT all of them)...and also Asian guys are so attractive....(and cute) >.<
BubbaGoneFishin Mar 19 '14
Lol trick question. They don't!! Jk.
Virtuallover May 15 '14
Maybe they have bad eye sight..lol
CDNciao May 20 '14
I can only assume but the white women that do like Asians might also have an affinity with all things yellow:P ?
marko May 27 '14
I feel appreciated.
erint Aug 21 '14
I've been treated with more respect vs. with white guys, their values seem better, I find them more physically attractive, Asian babies are the cutest ever, etc  Those are the main ones in my opinion.
cupiddeaths Aug 23 '14
Tallglassa96 Aug 25 '14
I don't know why I find Asian men attractive. Maybe it's because when I was in kindergarten I had this cute little crush on this Asian boy in my class. One day I got the nerve to kiss him on the cheek. I totally got yelled at by the teacher but it was worth it! He got his mother to buy me a box of chocolates.
lisam Sep 27 '14
I have had a thing for Asian men since I was 14 years old, as I got older, it has gotten "worse" per say.  I spent a year and half in Korea and also visited Japan.  Those did not seem to help either. xD 

I think what really gets me is their facial structure.  I love jawlines, I love to touch jawlines.  If they have a strong jawline. I'm totally all for them.  

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