Why do white girls like Asian men? | Forum

Gee Jul 9 '17
What do you know about indonesian men? ;)
elizabethettin Jul 16 '17
I've always been most attracted to Asian men out of all races. If you put the whole world of men in a room, my eyes would find the Asians first.

I've dated several Asians, from different countries. Some were assholes, some were sweet. My current bf is amazing.I've learned that people are people, no matter ethnicity: there are good and bad in every race.
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Nononono Aug 14 '17
They seem really elegant to me. Like they know what they want in life with a good self esteem without beeing arrogant if that makes sense :) 
aan666 Oct 31 '17
Ladies, how about this Asian guy???
Joy1981 Jun 8
The eyes! OMGosh.... those dark, intense, slanted eyes! And mouth! *passes out*

Definitely the facial features are incredible.

Asian men are moving art.
At least, that’s how I feel. :)
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