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lilykinz Dec 9 '15
OK, I'm curious... why do you (adorable sexy Asian men) want to date white girls? I'm wondering because, to me, Asian girls look so cute and pretty and sexy. What do you like about a non-Asian girl? I hope that I'm not offending by my question, as I have many Asian gf that I adore as my dear friends. :)
astriof Dec 12 '15
I think the rational explanation of same-race dating is because we humans, have been designed to intuitively choose anything that falls within our comfort realm, which is primarily dominated by what we see on a daily basis and similar traits that we can relate back to ourselves.

So personal preferences like I want a skinny tanned petite woman who wears glasses, does not override the general presumption of our brain, which has been programmed to pick whatever we're most comfortable with; similarities.

However there are just individuals, who I assume have either personal issues with same race datings or just do not think the way "normal" people think (like myself), who has the main criterion to look for a highly intelligent woman; which has nothing to do with the general stereotype of how smart asian women are. 

White individuals (both men and women) are really good at socially positioning themselves in the society, which shows how amazing their adaptive skills are, and the way they see things are just diversely peculiar. Those are what in my opinion asian women generally do not possess. So taking those factors into account, I think I started to override my brain's priority list of finding a woman not from our natural similarities but rather their degree of intelligence. 

But at the end of the day, I think it boils down to taste. In my opinion, white women are simply the best; blue / grey eyes, sharp nose, delicate lips. How can one simply be able to resist such divinity.



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lilykinz Dec 13 '15
Astrio, my goodness, what an interesting and articulate analysis you offered here! :)

SLiWRX Dec 17 '15
After dating for many years, I've realized that girls of every race have a common baggage within their group.  I think this is why I've slowly moved away from dating certain races. 

Being born in New Hampshire, I just find that my mission in life isn't to pass on my past culture that's suppose to be usurped from my parent's, but to create my own identity.  In America, I'm still pressured and told that I should date a chinese girl because it's easier for them to communicate in the future. 

To make it simple, mixed babies are always the cutest =P

jeffhx Dec 19 '15
White girls tend to be more expressive and intuitive in my opinion. For me personally, I'm attracted to western woman (cultural perspective rather than race) for this purpose. I've date asian, half asian half polish, indian women but i find the personality of western women to be very attractive. 
Woozle Jan 27 '16
I'm a sucker for fair skin.
caitliny Jan 28 '16
I first read this as "white girls tend to be more expensive" LOL 
Quote from jeffhx White girls tend to be more expressive and intuitive in my opinion. For me personally, I'm attracted to western woman (cultural perspective rather than race) for this purpose. I've date asian, half asian half polish, indian women but i find the personality of western women to be very attractive. 
billyjay7878 Jan 28 '16
Personally, I've dated non-Asian girls in the past because I grew up in a western country and my idea of what is beautiful and sexy was shaped by the people I was surrounded with at a young age.

Generally though, attraction is attraction and I don't necessary think men on this site are looking exclusively for white girls. I've dated plenty of white girls in the past but have also had my run-ins with women of all races. I think in a globalized world, people have more access to multiple cultures and have the ability to decide for themselves who and what race/ethnicity they find attractive and "date able."

Think about it from an Asian guy's perspective. There are billions (literally) of Asian people in the world. Some speak the same language, some don't but to us Asians, we are all one. So when a mega babe from say...Australia takes a liking to you (this is happened, BTW), are you going to go with what you know and have seen a billion times over, or are you going with something you've never experienced? Granted, this is coming from somebody who likes trying new things and pushing boundaries but guys like "exotic" and there's nothing exotic about Asian women to Asian men.

someone2 Jan 31 '16
Actually , I have no preference. I don't particularly favour white women , but I'm open to dating any race. 
Jun69 Feb 2 '16

Quote from someone2 Actually , I have no preference. I don't particularly favour white women , but I'm open to dating any race. 
Same here. I'd date whoever is cool and I enjoy hanging out with regardless of race.
Iggs Feb 11 '16
To be honest, having gone to school in San Francisco, it was rare to see caucasian women in our classes. Especially when you got to middle school and high school (Asians can get notoriously cliquish.). It wasn't until college that I got to see more caucasian women.

I grew up watching Ferris Beuller's Day Off, Can't Buy Me Love, Married With Children....I agree with some of the post that society has a huge part that played into defining what an attractive woman looks like. 

As I got older, I got over the Asian cliques If there's one thing I love about caucasian females, it's their willingness to be vocal and take the initiative from time to time. They tend to be more outgoing. There are some things I never dreamed of doing until I met my ex that I actually enjoyed. I found that many of the values I treasured they also treasured. 

Don't get me wrong. I like asian girls too. But I find cultured non-asian women to be very attractive. 

lilykinz Feb 13 '16
this is great to have such different perspectives... i especiallyb enjoy the idea of being viewed as 'exotic', something i never thought about myself (until recently on a date with a japanese guy who told me that i look exotic!) wow, that's really cool!

tangning Mar 21 '17
In my opinion, white girls are pretty, positive, and big-hearted, again in general. Exotic of course :)
Lefty Apr 7 '17
I used to differentiate people Based on ethnicity but the more I travel and the older I get I just am now looking at each person as an individual human being, and I often time found myself stumbling up on people of the caucasian ethnicity due to the similarities between me and that person. But then again, it maybe just because that was due to her as an individual instead of her being caucasian. just want to say its alot easier when you consider race is just a trait/feature like ... hair color or sth. Hope that makes sense sine my English is not my native tongue and is obviously terribad! lol
ottawakoreandude Apr 27 '17
Superficial standpoint:  Fair skin, gorgeous eyes, nose and body type.

Psychological aspect:  Bantering, fiery, sexy and intelligent.

Science and Fantasy:  Kids typically turn out above average looking.  (My son is living proof.)  I only fantasize about fair skinned women and more attracted to Caucasian women.  To be more specific, they are descended from only specific lineage.  So I am generalizing here when I say Caucasian.  (Irish/ Scottish, Scandinavian, Celtic, Czech, etc.)

*There is also a possible Freudian reason for me, I have three older sisters so in my perverted head, dating an Oriental woman just did not feel right.*

TheOneAndOnly May 26 '17
Two reasons: (1) physical attraction, and (2) personality.

I grew up in a non-Asian area.  When I was very young, my first crush was on a cute brunette.  As I grew older, I did not meet any Asian girls until I got to college.  However, my preference has always been for white girls and still is.

I've dated women from different countries and backgrounds.  I tend to like the personality of white women better because it fits my personality since I grew-up in a non-Asian environment.
Beanie May 26 '17
Well let's see lol I'll use an example since I was hanging out with my baby niece the other day. Let's say Asian men are like aerial from the little mermaid we want to explore the shore above us but our families don't want us talking to other races we still do it sure they're not happy about it but they accept it reason why we want to date white females is so we can be different from others not really lol.But in all honestly I'm just more drawn to American girls because of their hair color and eye color but I really don't have any preferences that are way out there.
pawie May 30 '17
Ehhh, good question. 

Most of my answer gonna derive from my upbringing i guess.

I grew up in a culture where women are considered a weaker sex & upon marriage, it's our responsibility to be the alpha male. All decision is made by the male & such. It's as if for the rest of our lives we are obligated to be the bread winner.

As I move to Australia in the early 2000. I got into secondary school for boys although we're just next to the girl's school. Every Wednesday during sports, we got to share the main oval field with the girls. That's the first time I saw girls play CONTACT sport of Rugby. Call it weird, but in Asia, girls are not supposed to play any sport of ill repute such as rugby, basketball & such. Which is weird.

I've had one relationship with a white girl and we have built those relationship from teamwork instead of me carrying it all for the team.

So long story short, i like white girls because they are able to take charge and be ballsy.

Carole Jun 19 '17
very refreshing.  My Asian neighbor likes to give orders and make decisions.  I've had Asian friends before who used joint decision making, and seemed very balanced.  Asians seem elegant and balanced in a Taoist kind of way.  
Pangs Jul 24 '17
My personal story why I prefer non Asian women.

"I have 3 older sisters, and all 3 (not simultaneously, thank god for that maybe) I have stumbled into them when they were nude in the bathroom... The slightest idea of that will refresh the traumatised images. Not that they are ugly or so, in fact they look pretty good, but still yeah, family issues I guess
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