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Pangs Jul 24 '17
My personal story why I prefer non Asian women.

"I have 3 older sisters, and all 3 (not simultaneously, thank god for that maybe) I have stumbled into them when they were nude in the bathroom... The slightest idea of that will refresh the traumatised images. Not that they are ugly or so, in fact they look pretty good, but still yeah, family issues I guess
JSae Sep 18 '17

It's a double edged sword.  Westernized Asian women have unrealistic expectations of what a man should be and vice versa.  Blame it on social media, Hollywood, and the hipster generation.  It's very shallow and materialistic.

I personally would rather just have a good time and be naturally compatible.  Skip the ice breakers, if you will.  Go in balls out or don't go in at all, ya know.

That's the problem.  It's not just an Asian thing, it's everyone.  There's this façade that is displayed when meeting strangers.  We can see through the false personality and just don't like that.

jeff1425 Sep 27 '17
Asian women have become more obsessed with money. yes it is true, no matter what culture, you'll always find gold diggers. But it is one thing if a few are digging for gold while the rest sticks with you "for better or worse". Maybe it would have been worth it if they could put something on the table as well. unfortunately, as each generation goes by, asian women feel entitled without having to put out. Maybe its just i have a higher standard but that is how i see it. According to a survey, asian women from asia would readily badmouth asian men, while asian women born and raised in western countries tend not to do the same. In my opinion, women from other cultures still value love, over material things.
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