Will mediocre English speaking skill destroy your chance of dating a white woman? | Forum

Trunk92 Jul 23 '14
Hi everyone!!!

I'm Asian and I've live in the US for 8 years now. I can speak English ok. My problem is that sometime I stutter when I speak English, and sometime I just messed up the sentence that I tried to speak. I'm working on it to get better.

I love to date white woman. Every time I see a white woman that I want to date, I sometime get nervous and my English get worst. I just don't know if a white woman will find that as a turn off or not. 

Has this ever happened to any of you out there? And what's your opinion on it? 

I would love to have a white woman opinion on this,too 

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prelude4 Jul 24 '14
doesnt matter, I use to be a FOB in high school and i got attention from all kinds of girls. key is confident.
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kraftykitty Aug 6 '14
Hey there!  I'm an American gal, so I thought I would provide my two cents.

The answer is: it depends.  Confidence is a huge turn-on to a lot of us western folk, and stuttering can come off as a lack of self-confidence.  In that way, your less-than-perfect English could be considered a detriment.

However, there are those of us who speak another language, and that could solve this whole problem.  Finding someone else who understands the struggles of learning a foreign language would not only provide you with something to bond over, but might also improve your language skills!

Depending on where you live in the US, it can be harder to find people with similar interests, issues, and goals.  However, in the end, it just comes down to finding someone who meshes well with your personality.

Good luck!
Diver May 23 '17
George W. Bush married a white woman. You'll do fine.
Liz May 28 '17
In my own opinion, I think that's very cute. Especially if said guy in question has an accent, but anyway! While I like it, I could see how some women wouldn't like it. While many Western women prefer confident smooth sounding guys, there are girls out there who like polite, shy guys. Point is, while some girls will find this a turn off, others, while some what fewer-will find it quirky and cute. Just practice your English and speech and it'll go away with time, I think. Good luck sir :)
pawie May 30 '17
Sup Trunks,

Too bad I'm a guy. However, I had this same conversation with my British housemate (she's a girl). Although my question is not about stuttering... It's more like "Do you give a bad talker a chance or you prefer to talk with a charismatic conversationist?"

She found a confident man way more attractive. However, her background is from rural Yorkshire so to find herself talking to Australian guys in Sydney (I'm Asian Australian btw) is quite intimidating because our culture is that we talk fast & with a sleazy tone as if we're a creep. There is a fine line between smart, confident with cocky confident. 

So my tip would be:

1. Take your time to conjugate the words.
2. Use shorter simple word & dont complicate yourself.

3. Don't be a confident creep. It's way worse.

4. Practice, practice & keep practicing.

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Joy1981 Jun 8 '18
It absolutely will NOT ruin your chances. Like some of the other ladies said- it’s cute!
We find it endearing.
Usually (yes, I know I’m generalizing here), white women are very nurturing by nature. So if we can tell you are nervous, the majority of us are going to want to respond in a way that will alleviate that, and put you at ease. :)

Personally, I consider it a plus! ;)