Chat ^^
Hey You!  if you new introduce yourself. Everyone is welcomed:)
369 members
United State AMWF
For people who lives in the US of A
363 members
Europe AMWF
For people who lives in Europe
244 members
Anime Lovers
If you love anime then this groups is for you, if you have any conncetion to anime or manga then join :) talk about what you like to draw, and watch or read. share ^ ^ yup if anime is apart of your life in any way, drawing,watching,reading then joinand share 
114 members
The last group got deleted so am makin a new one ^^ ... SO if you love or u live in Bulgaria Feel free to join :)) ♥
92 members
EDM (Electronic Dance Music)
Group for anybody that loves any type of electronic music! Share music, and share love! 
80 members
Rock and Metal music
You love Rock and Metal? Join and share with others your favourite bands, band members and songs! =)
69 members
Canadians eh!
All people living in Canada
58 members
Gamers :P
for those who love gaming :P
54 members
For people who lives in Asia
50 members
UK members
For all in UK
49 members
This group is for people who loves photography and artists behind the lens. Feel free to join and share your masterpiece.
48 members
Former Asiancaucasian Turf members
This group is for all the members who are part of the great Asiancaucasianturf.com (ACT) migration to AMWFSN Welcome to AMWFSN.com, a place where you can call home after all the packing and traveling from the Asiancaucasianturf.com site. Now our mission here is to get as many as your frie...
46 members
Share your paranormal experiences! or something that make you feel so really scared!
paranormal,  ovnis, dark creatures? Join this group and take a look of the nightmares of all or even more!
41 members
Latin America
I just hope I´m not the only one from latin america... :3
40 members
Australia Melbourne AMWF
Hoping to connect all the AMWF in this group to make it more convenient for everyone to have fun =) stay safe!
37 members
A place for sharing your blog, tumblr, your drawings, art of any kind photography, etc etc come play nao x
33 members
Everyone loves Canada. Invite people and Join the group. You dont really have to be Canadian to join. Just show your love and support. :)
30 members
humanity :-D
anyone who feels pain and is for the humanity in us all  all welcomed  even the bigoted humans :-)
25 members
For Hungarian ppl.;)
17 members

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