Anybody in New Zealand or interested to come?
it seems like i'm the only one in New Zealand in this site 
15 members
The Cult of Donnie Yen
DONNIE YEN BLESS US This is a place to appreciate our savior, Donnie Yen. Share your Donnie Yen blessings with the group and with the world.
12 members
Group for people who live in germany lol Ich hab gesehen, dass viele auf dieser Seite in Deutschland wohnen, konnte aber keine passende Gruppe finden! :O Please join if you live in Germany! :D
13 members
AMWFSN NYC Tri-State Area Chapter
For members from the NY/NJ/CT area. If you have any ideas for meetups or events, or just wanna grab a beer with a fellow members in the local area,  feel free to post here. 
12 members
We Love Topi
For all the people Who loves Topi^^
9 members
A group for everyone who loves to watch korean dramas (or other dramas) haha <3 Share the Dramas you are watching and discuss about your favourite actors!
10 members
For those that loves Jiu-Jitsu. Share your experience, stories, and techniques with others. Accomplishments? Favorite techniques? Where you train?
10 members
My beautifull country where i was born and got so many memories
7 members
I loVe Latin&Caucasian girLs!!
welcome :D
6 members
Sydney AMWF - Australia
well the Melbourne pack has their own group, so why not Sydney
6 members
Am I the only latina here?
I only see white girls yet the site said Latinas are welcome too but I don't see none lol
5 members
Hey there Greek people!Come join my group!Only Greeks allowed!(no offend)^-^
4 members
Sport addict
tell us which your favourite sport
4 members
Pour tout les célibataires hommes ou femmes vivant en france
Pour les célibataires de France, français(e) et asiatique qui veulent se rencontrer vraiment, former des couples! ^^ 
2 members
South Pacific planet NZL&AUS
Yeah... You know it every1 all welcome to join
2 members
For all those people who enjoy looking at this wonderful martial arts, practiced it themselves and/or still do! :D "Jiayou!"
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