Welcome to The AMWF Social Network! An online community for Asian guys and Western girls (White girls, Black girls, Hispanic girls, Asian girls, etc.) and vice versa. Feel free to participate in our community and bridge the gap between East and West, one person at a time.

亚洲人和西方人的社交网络 • アジアと西洋の社会的ネットワーク • 아시아와 서양인의 소셜 네트워크

The AMWF Social Network is a virtual community for Asian guys and White girls, Black girls, Hispanic girls, etc. and vice versa. Lots of cute and hot asian guys and girls on the site. We are a website that promotes friendship between Asians and Westerners, encouraging cultural and language exchange among members from diverse backgrounds. You may use this as a dating site, sugar baby/daddy/mommy site, or to exchange interracial dating experience, or to learn Japanese, Chinese, or Korean language from our members in the site forum. Asian and White, Asian and Black, Asian and Middle eastern, Asian and Latin singles or couples who want to date, marry, or make new friends are encouraged to sign up. Hey Ai (Love) knows no geography! This site is for age 18+ if you are not 18 yet, please stop using this site.

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Hello yourself and happy belated birthday!
Vietnum00 Yesterday, 16:41
Hello yourself :)
Vietnum00 Yesterday, 16:36
I'm from the Bay Area
rst5167 Jun 23
Just curious: do you like tall, bigger asian guys, or are you more into asian guys on the smaller side, for example the K-pop star type? (By tall I'm talking about 6'3/190+!)
Klauds Jun 21
Hi I live and work in NYC do you want to meet for some coffee.onewhiteblondegirl@yahoo.comKathy
Kathy1 Apr 11
Aren't there a ton of Asians in SF? =)
neo Mar 28
Anyone available to practice Polish? Dzięki!
ao2887 Jan 30
New York has 3 separate China Towns, I love the large group meals with multiple dishes. But it's hard to get 8 people together. There are Chinese and Korean table barbecue, some are AYCE with good... More
Any Asian guys in NYC Where do you go to meet white girls?
Chinese are the smartes but can be moody, Japanese are the nicest and really enjoy life, nice restaurants and traveling. Tough choice.  Maybe some of you guys can actually approach white girl...
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