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OKAY GUYS! NEW NYC MEET UP COMING UP AT APRIL 26TH WE MEET AT 7:00 PM LOCATION: St. Marks Street, NYC (East Village) http://amwfsn.com/event/nyc-meetup-2-15 Last time we met up we had a lot of...
2014-03-31 21:04:14


Hello hello!!! So ... I'll be in NYC and my boyfriend and I are making an AMWFSN MEET UP there. We want to make it some time in March, either 22nd- 23rd or 29th-30th (as both options are on WEEKEND). ...
2014-02-11 00:12:27

year of the horse

Happy New Year! :D ...
2014-01-31 06:17:22

My trip to Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia (pics)

So this past summer I took a trip to south-east europe where my fiancee lives. This is the first stop of my trip, zagreb croatia. There are a lot of historical looking buildings and lots of outdoor ...
2013-12-15 11:49:51

Life in Mono

The stranger sang a theme..from someone else's dream.....
2013-12-05 01:07:45


No leasing office yet :(...
2013-12-04 12:42:27


No leasing office yet :(...
2013-12-04 12:42:27

Nice to meet you!

Hi everyone, I'm new here.The reason I made this account is because I am searching for some "special" japanese friends. I am taking japanese courses and I need help.Because I am not in Japan it is har...
2013-11-28 12:19:05

Traveling to the U S A

First stop L.A! Then Vegas. After that...not too sure but I'd love to meet an American girl...American girl...ha ha.......
2013-10-04 06:48:13


Hello ,I'm a Arianne Marie and I come from Lima, Peru . Making new friends is what I like ....
2013-09-25 20:00:12

one more thing waiting to be stolen from apple

The golden iphone....... better to be chained to your wrist if you want to hold on to it for long haul....
2013-09-10 16:40:13

How to be a successful asian man in a Western world

Let’s face it, if you can read this blog with no problem understanding it, chances are you are either a banana, or an asian living in an English speaking country or somewhere in the western hemisphe...
2013-08-23 13:55:47

on amwf site

Person A: I am going to make another AMWF site!! Me: Why? Person A: Because I will be the boss and I will get laid Me: ...
2013-07-26 12:18:44

Sao Bento De Berimbau

I played the berimbau, when the wire broke. it a sign and bad omen, but I refuse to believe, every time I touched a berimbau, the wire break. I took my berimbau, a bitch, to be blessed, as...
2013-05-24 03:04:46

The wind and the wave

hear the story of the wind and the wavewhen the wind advance the wave retreatwhen the wave advance the wind step backa tiger of a fathera wolf of a sistera specter of a mothersuppressed between the th...
2013-05-24 02:59:19

my beautiful life

billie holiday record playing, tea in hand, rain on my window.. what a beautiful life I have. mmmmm......
2013-05-18 18:17:36

Peaked too soon? =O

Currently, I'm single, not dating and really not trying at all to meet new people. Yet, I find that I crave the intimacy that I once had which also came so easy. I'm single by choice, I know this, but...
2013-02-17 09:28:58

I won’t take this risk, and I’ll regret it

I want to major in philosophy. I want to ponder the mysteries of my own existence, penetrate the inner workings of my mind throughdeep introspection, and socratically interrogate the many unscathed c...
2013-02-10 20:21:38

choose language that you would like to learn

I hung out with my friend who is perceptive of current issues. I used to give advises to my friends usually.Unlike an usual, I got advises from my friend. There are few things I'm concerned about. M...
2013-01-24 20:41:53

Things That Make Me Smile.

I just feel like writing about my experience on this site, thus far. Because A I can not sleep and B A really good song came on my Ipod. So i'll pretty much write for the length of the song. I lo...
2013-01-08 10:16:54
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