17 Types of AMWF Couples


AMWF Asian Male White Female Couples | 17 Types (Part 1)

The usual AMWF topics seem to be:

- AMWF couples are so rare

- white girls aren’t into Asian guys

- Asian guys are being negatively perceived in society 

It’s getting old. It’s 2015; AMWF couples are more common than you think, and Asian guys are rocking it (well not all but enough are).

Let’s stop treating AMWF as if it’s the poor misunderstood redheaded stepchild of the relationship world. There are enough AMWF couples around now that you can even start classifying them.

So here are the 17 types of AMWF couples that I elaborate in the video.

1. The Pretty Boy Relationship

2. The Cultural Relationship

3. The Nerdy Relationship

4. The Fetish Relationship

5. The Non-Conformist Relationship

6. The Non-FOB Relationship

7. ....

It’s okay to belong to more than one AMWF type. These first 6 types, are the most common or well known AMWF types. It’s only going to get stranger from this point on. 

Part 2 should be coming out soon~!

Thanks for watching!


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Kento Bento is half Japanese & Chinese

Nina is Austrian.


The Wall

Oct 6 '15
Man, you gotta it nailed to the coffin! LOL
Dec 5 '16
Too big they fall. Good job and very hilarious presentation.
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By NinaBento
Added Jun 15 '15

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